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Founder, business owner and podcast host Dennis Riley has over three decades working with small business owners to manage their data, create strategies and systems and work in-the-trenches running a business. Dennis’ background of software development is the foundation of his passion for data. He feels the DNA of any business is their data.

What he has learned from working with all these business owners is that there is always a story on their journey that was a defining moment that took the business to another level. These stories have amazing gems and insights into the success of a business.

Our 15 to 20-min podcast shares these amazing founder stories which reveal their secrets to success.

Our audiences are not newbies. They’re ready for their next phase of massive growth!

Yes. We are looking for podcast guests, and we want to share your story!

Let’s do a great show together.

If you are interested in being a guest, please apply here.


Guest Requirements:

  • As a business, you should be experiencing some very good momentum AND be grossing $100K or more annually. We’ll be talking about how you scaled your business.
  • Consider your company as having ‘purpose;’ and thoughtful in your mission.
  • Any service based Small Business Owners in the United States.

We have a streamlined process:

Next steps:

  • Dennis will share some vital tips (via video) to help you connect with our audience, gain some great exposure, and hopefully encourage some great connections and customers from our audience.
  • Enjoy the interview with Dennis via Zoom video.
  • Assistants & PR Agencies: Please supply the GUEST’S contact information for scheduling/confirmation purposes.