6 areas to control 


How strong is your data?

  • Do you know your key lead & lag indicators?
  • Do you look at your data weekly?
  • Is your data integrated with all other areas of your boat?
  • Do you have 1 data dashboard for all your indicators?
  • Does your data show you patterns in your business?
  • Does your data dashboard pull from multiple sources of data?
  • Does your data tell you the pulse of your business?
  • Is your data tied into your company goals?

If you answered YES to ALL the Questions, your Data Area is strong! If not, make sure you ‘plug up the holes’.

Data is the new 4 letter word nobody wants to talk about!

Data is EVERYWHERE in a business. Today, there is so much data available to a business owner that it can be very overwhelming. In fact, many business owners do not know where to start. This is not good. Your business data is the DNA of your business. It can tell you exactly what areas are under performing and which ones are thriving. If you do not know your data, you are blindly running your business. Get to know your data ASAP!

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