Earn passive income with the GTR Partnership Program!

For every referral who signs up for a GTR membership plan, you'll receive 10% of each paid month's fee.

How does this work?

  1. Fill out the form to receive a personalize share link.

  2. For each business you refer who signs up for a membership program, you will receive 10% of their paid membership fee per active month.

For example, a $598 per month paid membership will receive $59.80 per active month.

Our Referral Partners

We have these businesses among our partners and we highly recommend their services!

IvyHill PR

IvyHill PR believes in the power of building trust through meaningful connections. They focus on optimizing your brand communications to engage your audience, elevate your brand, and create effective strategies tailored to your busy schedule. Discover more about IvyHill PR by clicking here.

Goals To Results has teamed up with IvyHill PR for a program designed to elevate your business strategy and enhance brand communications. This program is designed to deliver results efficiently, saving you time and money. No more endless meetings or costly consultants – it's time to gain clarity, be intentional, and amplify your message. Learn more about this program by clicking here.

Mobility Health Physical Therapy

Mobility Health caters to the needs of busy professionals with customized services and flexible hours, ensuring you receive the physical therapy necessary for a pain-free life. Instead of adjusting your schedule for physical therapy, they adapt to yours, recognizing the importance of timely care. Their goal is to enhance your strength, flexibility, and equip you with tools for continuous improvement.

Under the guidance of Dr. Gina William and her team, I experienced remarkable results. Dealing with sciatica, Dr. William provided exercises that alleviated my pain and helped rebuild muscle strength. Despite the practice being located in New York City, I received excellent treatment through telehealth. Discover more about Mobility Health Physical Therapy.

Be Victorious Health

Victoria, a certified health and wellness coach, specializes in assisting busy professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs in achieving work-life balance and enhancing their overall well-being. Through her personalized coaching programs, you'll gain valuable insights into sustainable habits for improved sleep and nutrition. Click here to discover more about Be Victorious Health.