Membership Plans

Different business owners have different needs.

One size does not fit all

No business is alike, so we don't offer cookie-cutter programs. Our clients come to us from many different starting points. We understand the journey isn't a straight line. We have a flexible package plan that you can change each month. So there is no long-term commitment. We create a program that gives you every opportunity to succeed and the chance to take control of your business!

In order to get control back of your business you need a system. One that is tailored made for your business that keeps the line of communication open between your clients and your staff. We set up all of our clients with a CRM system, importing data and adding features that are beneficial to your business. Click here if you want to learn more about CRM systems.

How fast do you want to get results?

Our membership plans

Speed #4: Get Results

Our team will roll up our sleeves and create the systems needed to get your business to the next level. We recommend our clients to start at this speed for three months. This will allow our team to get the base systems, workflows, pipelines, and communications in place. Once the 3 months are complete, we will sit down and reevaluate what has been done and what is the best way to move forward! If the client wants to see the most results, this is the plan to continue with monthly!

  • Meet 4 times a month

  • Our team works up to 12 hours a month on your boat

  • CRM Included

  • All areas of boat are covered

  • Review Data

  • Level with highest results and consistency

Speed #2: Make the necessary changes

If all your systems work is done, but you want to add a new pipeline, workflow or new feature, this is the plan

for you. This is a very popular plan for our clients because it keeps the ship moving forward while adjustments

are made. We keep our eyes on your system so you can keep your eyes on other business matters. We can keep you in front of your clients by adding a newsletter, a new workflow, etc.

  • Meet 2 times a month

  • CRM Included

  • Our team works up to 6 hours a month on your boat

  • Specific areas of boat are covered

  • Review Data

  • Level used for adjustments and add on features

Speed #1: Great for check ins

If the boat is running smoothly, this is a great plan to have! We will monitor the data to make

sure everything is full steam ahead. We will meet once a month to go over the numbers and any issues we

may see.

  • Meet 1 time a month

  • CRM Included

  • Our team works up to 3 hours a month on your boat

  • Review Boat

  • Review Data

  • Level used to maintain system and watch out for any issues.

Project work

Our staff has a ton of knowledge in many different areas. Whether it is technical help on some systems or data, setting up email campaigns, or needing a project coordinator. We can do short-term or long-term work.

Let us help you!

Do you want to take the next step toward your ultimate goal? Set up a time to talk and determine if we are a good fit to work together. We are looking forward to meeting with you!