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5 things you need to know about Igniting Souls Conference 2017

Igniting Souls Conference 2017 Speakers

Igniting Souls Conference 2017 Speakers

I went to a conference that SURPASSED the hype!!! I know that is a shocking statement but let me tell you why. I just came back from a weekend conference in Columbus Ohio called Igniting Souls Conference 2017 (#ignitingsouls17). I attended as an aspiring author who not only wants to write a book but also use it as a spring board to take my business coaching to another level. What I got out of it was so much more. Here are 5 keys that made this conference an event I will not soon forget.

  1. The Match – Kary Oberbrunner
    Kary is the driving force behind this conference. Along with his business partner, David Branderhorst, he set the tone by not just organizing a conference but igniting a community. Kary is the real thing. Nothing shallow or fake about him. He is genuine and has an amazing knowledge base that he fully shares with everyone he meets. Every topic he created … every speaker he invited… every person he hired on his team… everything was planned around how to get the attendees to reach a level in themselves that was always there but needed to be ignited. All they needed was the match and his mission was to make sure the match would get lit.
  2. The Topics
    Kary had a plan. The theme was Setting Fire to Your Business and Brand. Every topic was around that theme. He held a Mastermind the day before the conference that set the tone right out of the gate! The day started with Kary teaching a session titled ‘Turn Your Content Into a Course.’ BAM… This session was terrific and it left me wondering how he could top it.  Kary and his team were just getting started! The first day had 4 topics that were all fantastic. And that was the Pre – Conference day. The next 2 days carried the torch and set the entire place on Fire! Each topic in the conference was a stepping stone to the next topic. By the end, the path followed would be a guide to how to successfully launch your business.
  3. The Speakers
    There are speakers…and then there are amazing speakers. Most conferences I have attended had a handful of memorable speakers (if they were lucky) scattered amongst as sea of other speakers just along for the ride to spread out the conference. NOT THIS CONFERENCE. Check out some of the speakers: Kary Oberbrunner, David Branderhorst, Mike Kim, Brian Dixon, Dexter Godfrey and Amy Schmittauer. Every speaker was amazing, a leader in his/her field, and had incredible knowledge and off the chart passion for their craft. The most amazing part? All the speakers STAYED the entire conference AND they made themselves available throughout the conference for 1 on 1 time for anyone who had any questions or issues they wanted to share. Are you kidding me??? Who does that?!?!
  4. The Attendees
    There were over 225 attendees. They range from aspiring authors with no organized business yet to seasoned veterans who need to fine tune their game. The age range was an amazing 18 year old young woman to an inspiring 81 year old who is still constantly learning and wants more. Geographically, there were people from all over the United States and the world. With all this difference, you would think the room would be segmented. NOPE. Every attendee fed off the other and the energy in the room was at a level I have never seen before! Attendees who published their book this year went on stage for a quick summary. Each received a hug standing ovation after their summary. Amazing! Trust me, you leave the event with not just network connections but people who will quickly become friends and an instant part of your circle.
  5. The Follow-Through
    Kary not only had a plan for the weekend but several plans for his community going forward including rolling out his new platform called Business Academy Elite. This is just one of the platforms he offers. Others include Author Academy Elite, Day Job to Dream Job Bootcamp, Elixir Project and many many more. He has a several platforms where you can definitely start or expand your business. For the 3 days since the end of the conference, Kary, his team and his speakers have constantly reached out to all the attendees with guidance and motivation to continue the fire that was created at the conference. His goal is to reach 1 million Igniting Souls by 2020. Mark my word…this mark will be achieved!

I made a promise to myself that I am going to Igniting Souls 2018.

I will have my published book in hand along with a course. I will also have an amazing success story to share on how a special conference and platform took my business to another level and allowed me to help hundreds of entrepreneurs reach their full potential and dreams!

For the record… I intend to be a speaker at a Conference organized by Kary. If you want to be there next year and want more information, let me know. I just covered the tip of the mountain on this topic! Plus, you will get to see me on stage!

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