Is your business strong enough to thrive?

Can your services, data, CRM, strategies, and systems handle this environment?

Build a strong Business Boat to weather any storm!

A business is like a boat. There are several parts that need to work together to withstand potential obstacles to reach its destination. 

It can be overwhelming to take control of all these areas to build you boat. That's where we can help you! Let’s set up a free discovery call to identify the strengths of your business and some areas of improvement.

The six building blocks of the

Business Success Boat

Services with Value

Your business needs to provide value that makes it stand out from the competition. What makes your business unique?


A good CRM (Customer Relationship Management) can effectively track and communicate with your past, current, and potential clients.


Having business goals are one of the foundational parts of running a successful business. It provides a destination your company can work towards every day. 


The value in data isn’t the data points. It is interpreting the right data points and using it to tell a story. This story can be game-changing for your business.


Strategy is taking actions to help achieve a greater goal or vision. It is important to create strategies that will benefit your business.


Systems help produce the same result over time. They help run the business more efficiently, leaving you more time to think about how to grow the business.

Take control of your business!

Hi! My name is Dennis Riley. I'm the founder and owner of Goals To Results. I have been helping small business owners with business and data strategy for over 29 years.

I only succeed when my clients succeed. That is what keeps me going. I want to help your business grow to new heights! Explore my resources page to learn insights I have gained from being a small business owner.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and not sure how to grow your business? Feel free to reach out to me! If you are interested in working with me, view our membership plans below.

Customer Success Stories

Dennis is fantastic to work with! As a marketer, part of my service is that I provide my clients with a custom data dashboard. Dennis creates these for me. Each of my clients is unique and their data is as well. Dennis’s dashboards help me stand out from other marketers. Dennis also provides me strategic consulting when I need another sounding board on all things business strategy! Thank you Dennis!

Sharon Cassidy

Social media strategist

Dennis’s ability to break down my business and process and re-engineer it to make it a smoother machine has been so helpful. Dennis has helped me 2x my business in the first year working with him, and I am on the way to 2x my business again, just with being able to think bigger with Dennis’ system and processes in place. I have become more organized and focused around my practice. Dennis has given me the tools and ideas to continuously have a better year in client and production growth, year over year.

Jake Metcalfe

Financial Advisor

Dennis is an amazing business strategist. I always believed a business strategist was a waste of time and money, however I was proved wrong. Dennis is passionate about his work and has set up strategies and systems for my business. The steps and process were clearly explained allowing me to not only accomplish my goals but sooner than I would have been able to on my own!

Kim Knight

Coworking Station of Walpole Owner

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