Your Business Starts with YOU

Tell me the truth… You started your business because you were great at a craft and knew the world needed your talent! So you got the clients and your talents took over. You have the ‘IN the business’ part covered and it’s awesome.

Running a business? The ‘ON the business’ part? The part where you make sure the business is an entity that thrives. That is all trial by fire. You made some great decisions and I am sure some not so great ones. You wear all the hats and the buck stops here with all the decisions. And if you really look at it, you spend way more time in the business than on the business. You have to pay the bills, right?

Well, if you aren’t spending the time ON the business, then the health of the business could suffer.

How can you do both? The Start At Results Program can help.  You dont need to do it all alone.


Tired of not hitting your yearly goal?

Are you ready to achieve the goals you want in 2020? Use the proven Reverse Engineer for Success process. Check it out!

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Start At Results Program

The Signature package of Goals to Results is the Start At Results Program made up of 3 different segments. Check them out.

Youtube Channel

Youtube Channel

Our Youtube Channel, GoalsToResults, is where we put all our videos from our website, our TV show and other content that is just for our channel. For highlights and more details, see the sections below....

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Client Testimonials

Dennis has the ability to uncover the root of inefficiencies by re-engineering processes. This has been priceless in my ability to mentally shift what I have been doing to fix the main cause on some of my inefficiencies in running my practice.

Jake Metcalfe Financial Planner, Northwestern Mutual

Dennis is passionate about coaching and teaching others to reach their goals, and ultimately to demonstrate positive results. He has coached me as a newbie entrepreneur and small business owner, and I’ve been fortunate to learn from his years of experience as a successful business owner. He has created a structured approach to manage any entrepreneurs’ time, both business and personal, which sets us up for success in business and in our daily lives. I recommend that you reach out to Dennis for more information on Goals to Results; you won’t regret it!

Jeanne Scott Owner of Graciously Simple Home Staging, Atlanta, GA