Demystifying Data Interpretation

The significance of your company's data lies not just in the points themselves, but in how you interpret them. Any data point can be presented favorably, but the key is understanding the right data points to monitor and how to adjust your strategies based on that data. This skill can be a game-changer for your business.

It can be overwhelming to determine which data points matter. The importance varies for each company. Reach out to us for a complimentary discovery call, and let's delve into the data points that hold the utmost importance for your business.

How strong is your data knowledge?

If you did not answer yes to all the questions below check out some of my resources to address these issues. 

  • Do you know your key lead & lag indicators?

  • Do you check your data weekly?

  • Is your data integrated with all areas of your boat?

  • Do you have a data dashboard for all your indicators?

  • Does your data show you patterns in your business?

  • Does your data dashboard pull from multiple sources of data?

  • Is your data tied into your company goals?

Data Resources


How much do you know about your data?

There are many data points available, and it can be overwhelming. Most people just look at the tip of the data iceberg, focusing on the financials. However, to truly understand your data, you need to look below the waterline to see the entirety of the data iceberg.

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Do you know your LinkedIn SSI Score?

If you are a business owner selling your services to other businesses, you need a LinkedIn account. Think of LinkedIn as a part of your networking group. Did you know there's a tool that determines how well you are using LinkedIn? It's called your LinkedIn Social Selling Score.

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