You are NOT Alone

Written by Dennis Riley

June 30, 2022

Hey business owners…You are NOT alone!

I see what is out there. It is real. This economy we are in right now is shaky. It doesn’t matter if your business is incredibly busy or you are having a tough time finding clients.

It is a stressful time out there. If you are busy, you may be having a hard time finding help or you realize the systems you had need to grow with the uptick of business. If you are having trouble getting business, you are struggling to figure out how to get in front of more people and how to stand out in a very noisy world.



Sure, you have seen it. Many social media posts on many different platforms saying how they made it rich and it is so easy to do as long as you follow what they do. And it makes you think…wow…how are they doing it so easily and I am struggling.

Guess what… did you ever stop to think that they are struggling too and they are doing everything they can to get your attention BECAUSE they are struggling and desperately need you to sign up for their product or service?

Like I said…it is a very noisy world and we are all trying to make it.

I read this week about how some small business owners are so desperate and they end their lives. Thats when I realized I had to write this and hopefully at least one person reads this and realizes something…

Remember, why you started your business. Remember the courage it took to start your business. 

Many people knowing nothing about starting a business would not even take the risk or be up for the challenge.


Also remember, you as a person is not defined by your business. I know it is very hard to separate it. After 28 years as a business owner, I still need to stop and remind myself of that point. You define the business…the business does not define you.

You were an individual person before you started your business. And you are still an individual. No matter what state your business is in and no matter how long your business lasts.

I am not sure how many people needed to hear this today but I needed to say it.

And if you need someone to be a sounding board for you, let me know. I really mean that. Just reach out to me.

I have been there when the tides turn and you suddenly feel you lost control of things in your business. It feels like you are all alone. BUT, you aren’t. And once you realize that…it is a nice feeling to know you are not alone. The reality is many others have been or are in the same situation and they have come out of it BACK in control. And you can too!

Please have a fantastic day!

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