When you realize this, everything changes

Written by Dennis Riley

August 24, 2022

When it happens, it hits you like a ton of bricks.

I remember in 2004, my software business was 10 years old at the time. We were growing. I was hiring new developers to keep up and we had more clients than ever at that point. Life was hectic.

What I didn’t know is when you grow, the way you run a business also has to grow. I was still operating the business just like I was when I started when it was just me. I was in every meeting, making every decision and my plate was way overflowing.

I remember talking to someone and said wow, I wish running a business was like creating a software project. And we both laughed. Then it hit me…why cant it be?

You cannot pull off a software project without knowing the end result, planning each stage and using a project management tool to track everything along the way.

So I started to do that with my business. At first it was bumpy but the results spoke for themselves. I implemented a time management system for me. I put others in charge of different projects and I used Microsoft Excel like I never had before!

What I didn’t realize at the time, is that I was setting up systems to take control of my business. And the results were amazing.

Systems run businesses…people run systems. And over the years, I have learned that at each stage of your business, these systems need to adapt with where your business is. What got you to one level, will not take you to the next level.

28 years into being a business owner and I still use systems.

How are your systems going? You need to be in control of your data before you can be in control of your systems. 

Let me know if you need help in controling your data.

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