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What is your Business Vision?

Do you have a vision? Do you know where your business is going? These are important questions to ask yourself as a business owner and you need to make sure your business vision and your business strategy align. Stuck on trying to create a vision for your business? Here are three questions to get you thinking about what could be a good vision for your business.

#1 What is your why?

As a business owner, what is your why? Why are you in business? What makes you really tick? What is it that really gets you going? 

#2 What’s important to you?

What gets you up in the morning? What really gets you going? What aspects of a business really get you going? Remember you can’t do it all. You have to give some tasks to other employees but make sure that the tasks you are working on are important to you and your business.

#3 Where do you want to be three years from now? 

Not tomorrow, not the next day, not a year, three years from now. Now notice, I didn’t talk about all the things that pertain to business growth: revenue, profits, expenses, clients, or packages. Because all of that is secondary to your vision. You need to figure out the vision first so that you can take all those aspects and drive them to help meet your vision. 

I have an online course called Clear Your Head. It deals with vision. All the three questions that I told you are in that course and more. All my clients take that course first. Yeah, we can come up with a strategy, but if you don’t have the destination it doesn’t matter. So, you determine the vision we’ll determine a strategy.

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