Do you know where you want to take your company today? Let’s go for a ride.

Hi there, Dennis Riley Goals to Results. I am in my car to prove a point. Today I want to talk to you about the vision of your business. Do you have a vision? Do you know where your business is going? Let me give you a little example. Suppose this is your business, this car is your business. Where are you going to take it today? Well, what do you just to start it up?

Oh, sorry. Eighties music. I’m an eighties guy. What can I tell you? All right, so now, here I’m just going to do the GPS. It’s going to tell me where to go. Destination, I’m going to do an address. I don’t have a destination. I don’t have a destination for today. How do I know where I’m going? As soon as you find a destination, you can put it into a GPS or plan or a strategy and you can determine how you’re going to get through that day. But without a destination, why am I in this car? Does it make sense? Also, if I have a destination for today but I don’t have one for the week or the month or the year, why am I driving around? Don’t even have to have the engine on anymore because we’re not going anywhere without destination. So, let’s go back inside and let me show you three ways to get your vision for your business. Come on.

Ah, back inside air conditioning. Let’s keep going. As promised, I want to give you three steps to help you with determine the vision for your business. Now I like working with entrepreneurs, the business owner, to me that is the most important part of the vision of the business and the strategy. Get to make sure that the business owner and the strategy are together in sync. That is how you’re going to succeed, can have the business doing one thing and the business owner doing nothing or not feeling the passion of where the business is going. It got to get that together. So, here are three steps to get that together and to have a great vision.

Number one, as a business owner, what is your why? Why are you in business? What makes you really tick? What is it that really gets you going? Find your why. Make sure whatever your why is your business matches your why as the first step to doing this.

Step two, What’s important to you? That’s right. What’s important to you? You need to write down things that are important to you. What gets you up in the morning? What really gets you going? What aspects of a business really get you going? Yes. We all wear the same number of hats. As a business owner, it seems like we’re always wearing a lot of hats. Make sure the hats that you’re wearing are important to you. You can’t do it all. You going to give stuff to other people, but make sure the stuff is on your plate is important to you.

And number three, I asked this question so many times to a lot of different people. Where do you want to be three years from now? Where do you want to be three years from now? Not tomorrow, not the next day, not year, three years from now. By doing the first two steps, knowing your why and knowing what’s really important to you. Now you can really, really visualize what you want to do three years from now. Now you know notice, I didn’t talk about all the things that pertain to business growth, revenue, profits, expenses, clients, packages, all of that is secondary to your vision, all that secondary to vision. Figure out the vision first so that you can take all these things and get driving towards the same way.

I have an online course called Clear Your Head and deals with vision. It deals with vision. All the three steps that I told you are in that course and more. All my clients take that course first. That’s how important this is. Yeah, we can come up with strategy, come up a lot of different plans, but if you don’t have the destination, your vision intact, it doesn’t matter. It won’t work. So, you determine the vision we’ll determine a strategy.

If you liked this video today, please make sure you subscribe and make sure you liked this video and give me any comment you want. I would love to know what your vision is. What’s the stumbling blocks to get to your vision. If you want some more information, you can visit my website I also put a link below in the description for to go to Clear Your head and you can read all about it and check out some of my other videos. It’s really good. If you have any questions, let me know. I’ve love to talk to you. You have a great day and I’ll see you soon.

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