Many business owners asked me, what systems do I need for my business? It’s like asking what car do you need? I’ll answer that question and so much more coming up. Stick around. I hope it works this time.

Hi there, Dennis Riley from Goals to Results, how you doing today. I want to talk to you about question. I’ve asked a lot what systems do I need for my business? Well, the answer to that is really depending on the business that you have. Basically, there are three different areas of your business that you definitely need systems, today I want to go over some of those areas. Also put some great tips on vision and goals, strategies and systems. Please subscribe to my channel and don’t forget to hit the bell so you can get notifications or when I have a new video, which is every single Wednesday.

Now to me, a system is a predefined set of rules, procedures, processes, steps, whatever you want to call it, that when done together produce a common results and this system accepts a set of input and it produces results. If the results aren’t what you’re expecting, you need to adjust the inputs. Now, the interesting thing about this video is that while I’m doing this video for you, I’m following a system, system that I always do for my videos. I get a certain results every time I do set and input in. But in this instance, this is my second time doing this video because the first revision was terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible. Why was it terrible? Because I didn’t follow the system that I had in place. So I came with the idea. That perfect analogy for our system is a car. It really is the perfect analogy. I tell you why in a second. So I decided I’m going to do the video outside. Now what happens outside is sometimes you have no control over things, especially when it comes to mother nature and surrounding things.

And boy, the perfect storm happened when I tried to do this video and just didn’t come out. So this time I said I am going to do everything inside and I’m also going to show you some other stuff as well. Like I said, I think there is three areas is you should look at for systems. That’s go over them.

Area one, your actual business. That’s right. Your actual business. Why you in business? Okay, what product do you have? What service do you have? What is the thing that you are offering to your customers that service or product, whatever it is that’s your car. There’s definitely set up processes and systems that you use to get that out to your customers. Depending on which customer you have it to make sure that your service is delivered perfectly to every single one of the customers. That’s a system. That’s a framework that you have for each of your clients and the key to a system is no matter what inputs you put into that system is you could do similar outputs.

That’s what my clients, I helped them with their vision and goals, strategies and systems. They all have different strategies, goals and systems and vision. However, I come to them with a framework and the systems that I have to produce that. What is your framework? What is the system that you have that you know of? You can produce your service every single time, no matter who the client is.

Area two local systems. Here’s what’s interesting. In 1984 I own my first car. Yes, that was a long time ago, but my first car was a 1972 Pontiac Lamont’s. If you lifted up the hood of that car, you would see something like this. Now with this car, I was able to change my oil and no problem. I was able to change filters. I was able to change a battery. It was all pretty straight forward. Once you learn how to do it and everything with easily found. The car I have now is a 2011 check this hood. You don’t even see much. In fact, they covered everything. They said, you know what, don’t even bother with it. Just call someone else to fix it. In 2018 this is what my wife’s car looks like under the hood. There’s no cover here that says okay, we have everything here. Go ahead and try to fix it if you want. If not, you’re going to have to call someone. That’s kind of like how businesses are right now, like that. There are so many different systems that you can use. There’s so much data out there that you can use to run your business. You have to do as you have to find out which ones can work for your business.

Now, example of a local system is something like QuickBooks. QuickBooks is a software package that you set up on your laptop and you do input and you get output. You’ll need to know all the programming behind it. All you need to know what you put in the numbers. You’re going to get a picture and if you want to make the picture better, you adjust the numbers you put in. No other type of local systems could be marketing, sales, operations, finance. Also, another local system is networking. If you can put the system together on how to network in what, what systems work for you, you’ll be able to cut your time in half and how you network your business.

Area three- global systems. Now this area, I like to call global systems because what it is, it takes input from all the other systems and gives you a big picture of how things are going on. Just like the dashboard in your car. You don’t need to know everything that’s underneath the hood, but you do know a couple of things that are very important to you, how fast you’re going, how many miles do you have, how much fuel is left in the tank or if there’s any warning signs of something going wrong. That’s what you want to do with your business. You want to be with to collect some key performance indicators that you can look at on a daily basis and have a quick snapshot of your business. That is perfect global system. Now some people say, well, I always have to do is look at my profit and loss and that will determine how my business is going. Not really. All right. That might determine how things are going in the long run. In the short term you want to look at different things like how many clients do you need each month, how many leads, what’s the pricing of your service? Does it need to go up through these go down, does it need to be adjusted? Where’s your sweet spot and all the packages that you offer.

 Is your message getting out there in the world? I’ll give you an example. For me, social media is like a foreign thing to me. But I have, I don’t need to know everything about social media. I have a person that does social media. She does a great job at it. She is in charge of my social media and the great thing about it is I don’t have to worry about it. I just give her the content and she does everything else. Here’s the thing, she comes back to me and she says, Hey look, these contents are performing well. These contents aren’t, what I can do now is I can, I can dive deeper into the ones that are working and choose topics, more topics that I can elaborate about. The ones that are working and I can probably put the brakes on some of the topics that really aren’t resonate with my audience. Just having that alone allows me to work better in my business. Know what global system do you need? What are the key performance indicators that work for your business that you will know ahead of time? Hey, I need to adjust these things. Now, I might not have answered the question what systems work for you personally in your business, but I hope you get the idea that they really have different areas in different systems they need. I hope you get the idea that you really do need systems in your business. The question is which ones will work great for you. Now, what I have is a worksheet that I use to determine how my systems are working and I want you to share with you and it’s free.

I have to do is sign up for it and you will get the worksheet and you can determine what your score is on your systems. The link below, definitely click on it. Now, if you like, what you saw in this video, please share it with us, I love that you could do that from me. Also, comment below. Love to hear about what you think, what business systems are you using and which ones are you getting stuck on? Love to hear from you on that. Also, check out these other videos that I have on my YouTube channel and also hit the subscribe button right smack in the middle. Hope you have a good day and I can’t wait to see you next time. Have a good one.

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