Using business systems to find the right business networking groups for you

Written by Dennis Riley

October 10, 2019

Do you go to networking groups? If you do, do you have a system for it or do you just go and wing it? I want to make sure that you realize that you need a system and a strategy for networking. Networking is too important for your business and is a great place to find new customers and keep that pipeline going for your business. I want to give you three tips to help you find the right business networking group. 

Tip 1: Get into the game. 

Get into the game, the networking game. It is important to make sure you take one networking event at a time because each event is different from another. What you have to do is focus on different aspects of your business for different networking situations to help you get the most out of each event. 

Tip 2: Have a plan and take action

You want to do some research on different groups, which ones might interest you the most based on where your potential clients and customers could be. You start planning out which groups you’re going to go to and then go to the events. But make sure you have a plan at these events. I don’t want you to just go there and all you’re doing is passing out business cards like it’s food. Go to the events and meet as many people as possible. Shake their hands. Ask them questions to find out more about them. Then maybe you do exchange business cards and you move on to the next person.

What do you do with that business card? I put a mark on the back of the business card showing that this person is either a cold, warm or hot lead. It doesn’t matter what the symbol is as long as you can distinguish the markings when you get home and review the business cards. 

Tip 3: Follow up. 

Once the event is over, you’re not done. I want you to take those hot leads and email them right away. In the email, say it was nice to meet you and would you like to follow up with a meeting, whether it’s by phone, call or in-person. You can also do that for the warm leads as well. 

Now that you have a business networking system, don’t stop there. There are plenty of other systems in your business that you can use to help your business move forward and become more efficient. I have a worksheet that can help you figure out what areas of the company that you might need a system for. I’ll give you the link. All you have to sign up for it.


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