Too many platforms, too many logins

Written by Dennis Riley

August 26, 2021

16 Platforms. Over 5,000 Data Points. Need Control.

As a business owner, there is so much information at our fingertips including data on websites, social media, ads, financials, customer data, CRM, marketing, and so much more.

There are usually several tools and over 5,000 data points. Look at the image above…

Those 16 platforms have 16 logins. Those platforms have their own dashboards and present data in different ways. Those 16 platforms do not talk to one another. This means you can not get a more consolidated view of all your data.

With so much data, how do you:

  • sort thru all data
  • know which are KPIs
  • get a bird’s eye view of key data
  • save time

How to get it all in control?

Put your KPI data in one platform with 1 login.

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