Do you know who your number one client is? Do you?

Hi there, Dennis Riley from Goals to Results where I help my clients get results, one goal at a time. Today I want to talk about my number one client. Do you know who that number one client is? Someone who generates the most cash for your business. The most loyal client, tells the world about your business, takes you to new heights. We’ll be with you from thick and thin. You know who that client is, you. That’s right. I am my number one client. You may ask, you don’t affect your bottom line, oh really? Of course, you do without you there is no business.

You need to treat yourself like gold. I’ve been in business for 25 years and I would say the first 18 years or so I didn’t treat myself like gold, not even close. I put everything else before me. Everything, for first 10 to 12 years, I didn’t even take a vacation. I got so busy with my business, I just forgot about taking care of myself. Forget about eating properly during the day. Forget about exercising regularly. I had no time for that. I was just in the weeds. So many times that I really didn’t put my head up to realize where I wanted to go. I started to lose sight of why I got in business in the first place, but then it happened.

Let me tell you a story. About six years ago, I was working from home one day. Trying to solve a problem for a client, a software client. I just couldn’t solve the problem. It was just mind boggling why I couldn’t get past this problem. Now I had other things on my mind too with the business as well, but it was just really a frustrating day. And the stress level, was is going higher and higher and higher, and then I just say, you know what I need to get out. I was so just tense, tight and I said I just need to get out. So I said, go for a walk. And I just got up, walked are out the door went up to the driveway, took a left, then took another left I’m on a road. This was a nice straight road that I’ve been traveling by car at least four times a week over a course of 15 years. I did the math. It’s about 3000 over 3000 times. I was driving up and down that road. But I’ve never walked it, the first time I walked it. So, I just started walking down this street and I was just thinking, okay, why can’t I solve this problem? There’s gotta to be a reason why I cannot solve this problem. And all these things would go through her mind. Did you try this, did you try that. It was just getting more frustrating. I just said, you know what? I was just going to just walk. I’m not going to think about anything.

I kept walking and I was really at a fast pace. It really wasn’t a slowly leisurely walks by all means. It was a fast pace. I just kept walking and then it was just mind my own business looking down and we also often looking around. It was a cloudy day and the sun was trying to peek through and then all of a sudden I look over, there is a cemetery on my right hand side and I just kept walking and looked over and glanced, no big deal, kept walking and I saw the sun peeking through and they just happened to glance over and I saw something that went ‘no’. So I crossed the street , looked both ways, cross the street, kept walking, kept walking, went up a little, a driveway into cemetery, a little path just right off the road and there it was. A tombstone with my last name on it. Riley can be spelled may different ways. R I L E Y is not the most common. Yet, that’s what I saw on that tombstone. I just stood there, stood the utter shock. I didn’t know what to think. Didn’t know what to say? I just stood there staring at this tombstone first I didn’t and see a name on it, but then I looked down and on the grass and I saw a name, first name. And I was just dumbfounded and like, wow, this is a sign. And just stood there for awhile and then I just blurted it out, ‘not now’. I said, I am not done yet.

That’s it. I turned around, I started walking. I just kept walking and I just continued, I just kept thinking to myself, what is going on here? If I keep up the way I’m going, the stress level, being agitated and all that stuff is not healthy for me. If I keep doing what I’m doing, that’s where I’m going to end up that grave site and I said, no, I’m not going to go down that road. It’s not worth it is not worth it. I asked myself, do you still have the passion for the business? Do you still really want to do this business? Why are you doing this business? Why are you doing it? I couldn’t answer. I could not answer why.

I just kept walking and I forgot even how, how I left and all that stuff and I just got back to my house. By the time I got back to the house, I realized, you know what? Something’s got to change. I wasn’t stressed when I said that. It’s just that I got to figure this out. It’s been a journey these last six years and I absolutely love where I am right now. The passion is so back and what I do if I build a business and a solid business that I help my clients on their path through entrepreneurship, and I can do this uniquely because I been on that road. I’ve seen the highs, I’ve seen the lows and I want to help you. I have a quick line course called Clear Your Head. It’s based on my experiences and how I cleared my head.

Click on the link below to read more about it. Remember, entrepreneurship is the most amazing way to help others and make money at the same time. But you know what you have to enjoy the journey. If you like this video, please share it with someone who you think needs to hear this message. And if you haven’t subscribed to my channel or what are you waiting for? Click on the button, the subscribe button and please so you can enjoy future videos coming out and you get notified.

Oh, and one more thing. I have a huge sense of gratitude from my dear friend who I’ve never met before. His name is Clemente A. Riley. I did so research on him check this up. Who’s born November 20th, 1905 and he passed away at the age of 82 on May 31st, 1988 he was a Massachusetts politician who served as a Massachusetts Register of Motor Vehicles from 1957 to 1963 interesting thing is that he was also a nine year member of the Norwood Board of Selectmen, and he ran for governor as candidate for governor, Massachusetts in 1962 losing to the democratic nomination of Endicott Peabody. What a fascinating life. Wish he was alive right now so I can shake his hand, meet him, maybe have a drink or two with him. Thank you my friend. I will never forget you.

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