Stop Making Excuses

Written by Dennis Riley

April 22, 2022

You know one of the deadliest things for a small business owner?

Excuses… YUP Excuses

Sure, there are things that happens to us that are 100% out of our control. 

We ALL have had that happen to us as a business owner. It is what you did AFTER the event that differentials yourself from others.

Some events are so unexpected, it feels like a brick has been thrown from behind and hit you squarely in the back of the head….And it knocks you down.

So the bricks get thrown… now what.

In 2020, the restaurants were hit the hardest from the pandemic. But it isn’t what happened, but what you do next. I read one business decided to take their food directly to the people. At first, they just decided to do takeout like everyone else. Then they realized people were ordering days in advance. They were getting tons of repeat customers. They decided to try memberships and their business took off! Now they are doing better than they ever have. They closed their restaurant space for good and opened up in a corporate style kitchen. That is the perfect example of a business owner moving forward and adjusting to a brand new way of thinking which turned into a brand new market.

If you stand still, you fall behind. The longer you hold on to the believe that you cant do this or that is because of this, the longer you do not move forward. Those excuses will not solve any problem at all.

You know what I have realized more and more since 2020? Time is such a precious commodity. It is the only thing we cannot get back no matter how hard we try. Once the second passes…it is gone. We only have so many seconds on this earth.

I knew that before 2020 but it has become clearer than ever before. 

Don’t waste 1 second on an excuse.

No matter what you do…move forward. Doesn’t matter if it is about a business or the way you live or the people you interact with… MOVE FORWARD.

And remember, don’t waste time on things you cannot change or things that have happened in the past. A present is called a gift for a reason. Treasure the present and create your future.

We have no clue how many more seconds we have left.

You don’t even realize how much positive impact you can make. Start with one day, one person, one second…. MOVE FORWARD…and no excuses.

You got this…

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