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Start At Results

Where do you want to be 3 years from now?

The answer to this question says it all. If you know the exact vision of what you want to do in 3 years, and the plan to how to get there, then pat yourself on the back! You are well on your way and are in the minority of Entrepreneurs.

However, most small business owners do not have an answer and struggle with this question. Instead they are more focused on ‘what I need to do today or this week’. This may lead to the following:

  • No Singular destination or focused result
  • Too much to do each day
  • Not enough hours in the day to get everything done
  • Long hours every day
  • Overwhelm
  • Loss of Control
  • Stress

Does this sound familiar? All of this results in lack of focus, direction with the overall business. But there is another way.

Reverse Engineer the Results you want

The Start At Results program starts with the results you want first. Then a strategy and systems are created to achieve those results. That is why the original question of ‘Where you want to be in 3 years?’ is extremely important.

These are not ‘cookie cutter’ plans and strategies. These are created based on the results YOU want for your business and what you want for yourself as the owner. No one plan fits all. If you follow someone else’s plan, you will get someone else’s results. You want the results YOU want. This program is tailored to you!

Benefits of Start At Results

The Start at Results Program includes:

  • Transforming overwhelm into focus, and uncertainty into action, with a proven system of accountability
  • Mapping out strategies that are unique to you with an experienced mentor, who’ll also be there to support you with implementing
  • Systems to implement your new strategies
  • Data Strategies to determine how best to capture the data needed to get the DNA of your business
  • Data Dashboards created to monitor your Key Performance Indicators
  • Proven tools, scripts, and templates to support you in your learning and implementing
  • Learn Vision and Time Mastery skills
  • Having someone to bounce ideas off of who has over 26 years of business owner experience
  • A movement from working totally IN your business to working both IN and ON your business

How does Start At Results Program Work

This program has a generous amount of 1-1 access, so that each week you have support, accountability and guidance.  Your program includes:

  • Online course Clear Your Head. The worksheets done for this course will be used as a foundation for our Start of Quarter Assessment.
  • 1.5 Hour Start of Quarter Assessment– A private extended Zoom session with me (or face to face meeting at our office). We’ll dive right in, and get to the heart of your challenge, goals and intentions for the quarter (3 months).
  • 2 hours of Coaching Calls per month (two 60 minute calls per month)
  • Private Access to online client portal to view all your documents, client logs, appointments, invoices, and meeting logs
  • Worksheets, Training Content as needed to support you in your learning and implementation
  • Weekly dashboard and Priority sheets are uploaded to the client portal for accountability. Clients who do this achieve a higher result
  • Email Access as needed 
  • The program is quarterly (3 months). Additional features and benefits (including Voxer personal access, lower monthly cost) are added in if sign up for yearly program.

This is a high touch personal experience providing you with an incredible amount of support so you can get into action.

Your Next Action

It starts by having a complimentary conversation to see where you’re stuck, and what you’d like to create in the next 90 days.  And then, if there is a fit, we can work together. This program is definitely a hands on, results driven, and detail oriented. Are you up for the challenge to move your business forward? Click the link below to get started.

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