SMART Goals…Boston Style

Written by Dennis Riley

May 12, 2022

Most of us I am sure have heard of SMART Goals. In case you haven’t, I will give a quick refresher.

When you are planning a goal, remember to follow the SMART method:

  • S = Specific (State what you will do,  Use action items)
  • M = Measurable (Provide a way to evaluate, Use metrics or data points)
  • A = Achievable (Within your scope, Possible to accomplish, attainable)
  • R = Relevant (Make sense within the scope, Improves the business in some way)
  • T = Time-Bound (State when you will be done, Be specific on date or timeframe)

This method is a great guideline. So instead of saying I want my business to make a lot of money, instead have a goal of 10k revenue per month. Is this a SMART Goal? It is specific, measurable, probably relevant and definitely time bound. Using the smart method is great for short term goals like month or quarters. 

But I am from Boston. And we do things a little differently. 

We can be called brash, cocky, obnoxious especially when it comes to our sports teams and driving. When it comes to those things, I am guilty as charged!

But many of us from Boston also see things differently and we 100% talk differently. That Boston accent! We have a hard time pronouncing the letter R, instead it sounds like an ‘AH’.  

For long term goals, use the Boston method… SMAHT.

So the SMA and T are all the same.

But relevant and making sense??? No way…gone…kick the R to the curb!

I don’t want my long term goals to make sense. I want them to scare me. I want them out of my reach…I want them HUGE… and that is where we get the H..H is for HUGE.

Make those goals HUGE. I want you sweating for those year goals. I want you reaching far. I want to see a HUGE smile on your face WHEN you achieve that yearly goal.

So who is with me… Tell me your Boston style SMAHT goal for the rest of this year! What is it? 

Say it, write it down, plan for it… and then GO FOR IT.

And if you need a system for planning, I have one for you. I created it from scratch. I call it my Start At Results Planning System. I use this system and my clients do as well. And it is FREE. Click on this link to get it. You will not regret it!

Have a great day!

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