Simple Goal System that Works

Written by Dennis Riley

February 2, 2022


Ground Hog Day…how appropriate. All the numbers are the same. Just like the movie Ground Hog Day… the same day repeats over and over.

Do you have a big goal you want to achieve in your business in 2022? When the year started you had 365 days till 12/31/22. 

Including today, you have 333 days left in 2022. Interesting how on a day that 2 repeats, you have 333 days left where 3 repeats. Coincidence? Who knows 🙂

Can you reach a goal where you do the same thing over and over? Depends on what you repeat. If you repeat something that in the past has not moved you forward then the answer is no. However, a system that produces results over and over can be repeated each day.

Here is a simple system I use. I printed out a 2022 calendar. Before each week starts, I list 1 goal that I feel is the most important task of the day that would move me closer to my goal.  

If I hit that goal I designated for that day, I put a green check mark. If I do not meet the goal, I put a red X. So far I am 100% for the month (I know its only day 2)

Oh and I will call myself out here… January is full of green and red 🙁

I have this on the side of my desk so I can see it every day. It is a visual reminder that in order to reach a tall yearly goal, focus on one day at a time and break it into smaller goals.

Check out more time management tips in the blog sections. 

There are so many systems we use with our clients. If you want more information on how our systems can help you, book a discovery session by clicking the button below. You wont be disappointed.

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