Repurpose Content Based on Data

Written by Dennis Riley

May 25, 2021

Here is a perfect example of knowing your data and creating a strategy to change the story…

While looking at a client’s Google Analytics, we saw that the number one ranked page on their site was on a service they no longer provide. The page was clearly being searched on. So instead of just deleting it, we decided to add links and call to actions to other pages on the site to use the traffic already coming to the site.

In January, the Through Traffic percent was 6.76. For the next 5 months, it has steadily gone up each month to the current point of 19.2%. 

Here are each month’s numbers:

  • January – 6.76%
  • February – 9.62%
  • March – 13.6%
  • April – 17.6%
  • May 19.2%

Now other pages on this site are benefiting from the traffic.

This is just one of the ways you can use Google Analytics to define your company story.

The benchmark data is a great source to see your visitor’s habits on your website.

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