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Preplanning your week by prioritizing your tasks

Are you sick and tired of having so much to do each day that by the end of the day you feel like you’ve gotten nowhere except frustration and exhaustion? I’m going to show you three steps that help me move through every single day.

Step 1: What’s on your plate right now?

I want you to get a pen and piece of paper. Not a computer or anything else, because there’s something I feel about a pen in the hand that you just get more things accomplished. You want to write out everything you need to get done this week: What projects are due, meetings you have, and any other things you have to work on. Lastly, and the most important write down what you have to work on for your business to move forward. A lot of people just think about what things they have to do with their business for the week. But you always have to think about what makes you move forward.

Step 2: Categorize and prioritize.

Alright now that we have that list, you’re going to go through each task in that list and you’re going to put a letter next to each task. Here is what each letter stands for:

  • A: tasks that have major consequences if you do not get them done this week, tasks that have to be complete. 
  • B: any tasks that have minor consequences if they’re not completed this week.
  • C: any task that has no consequences whatsoever, if you don’t get it done. 
  • D: any task that you can delegate to someone else. 
  • E: if you can’t put any of those letters next to a task, then you’re going to eliminate those tasks.

Now you’re going to go back through the list. Look at all the A’s and put a number next to each of those based on what is more important in the list of A’s. And repeat it for B, C, D.

Step 3: Schedule tasks. 

Before you put any of your tasks in the calendar you want to review your categorized tasks we completed in step 2. What you want to do is to select the top three A tasks that will help move your business forward and put these at the top of your schedule for your first day of the week. Because if you get those three things done, you will move your business forward no matter what the rest of the day entails. After finishing your top three you want to start making your way through the rest of your A, B and C tasks. Now, you probably want to schedule some time with those D tasks so you can sit with that someone and go through the task. You will repeat the process for the next day of your week, creating new a top three tasks, and then continuing to finish your tasks hopefully before the end of the week.

Bonus tip

At the end of each day, you want to make sure you go through to see which task you got done and which tasks might’ve taken a little bit longer. Hey, stuff happens during the day we all know that. If you didn’t get to something that day, you want to move them over to the next day. If they’re A’s, those are things you’re doing first on the next day and then accordingly adjust the rest of the week. Adjusting and reflecting after every day is important because sometimes maybe your A tasks turn out to be a C task and visa versa.

These are the three steps I use to help my business stay focused every day, so I can get the most out of each day. I hope some of these tips can help you prioritize your tasks, and help you conquer the week!

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