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What makes a good CRM?

There is so much data around Leads, Prospects, Sales, and Clients. The tricky part is managing all the data. A good CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool goes a long way.  But finding one that works for your business can be just like finding the perfect car.

What we have found is there are 2 groups of CRMs for small business owners. Introductory priced models and Advanced priced models.  The introductory models usually have a quick ceiling to them and the advanced priced models can get really expensive really fast.

We have tried several models for ourselves and our clients. We found ONE we fell in love with so much that we decided to white-labeled it.

Does your CRM System do the following?

  • All communication stored in ONE place
  • Capture, nurture and close leads
  • Incorporate calendar system
  • Automatically message leads via emails, SMS and more.
  • Collect payments, schedule appointments and track analytics
  • Create Surveys & Forms
  • Create Landing Pages (with your own domain name!)
  • Different User Profiles and levels of access
  • Pipelines & Workflows
  • Email Campaigns & Newsletters
  • Client Communications
  • Project Management
  • Unlimited Users, Unlimited Pipelines, Unlimited Contacts
  • Use for Leads AND Client Journeys
  • Integrate Google My Business
  • Integrate Stripe for Online Payments
  • No tier pricing for CRM
  • ONE base price (* extra texting and email charges may be included)
  • and more…

We will do the following for you:

  • Import your existing data
  • Setup your CRM
  • Create Secure User Logins and Profiles
  • Set up your initial pipelines and workflows

We can also add to the CRM:

  • Custom Data Dashboard for your KPI Data inside the CRM
  • Your Lag and Lead Indicator values inside the CRM
  • Setup Project Management
  • We can even set everything up and run everything for you to get that off your plate and give you peace of mind. How cool is that!

All our Membership Plans include the CRM and initial setup for FREE

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