Midlife Career Assessment

You remember when MTV made its debut, played outside from after school till dinner (no play dates needed), your parents would make sure you had change on you when you went out or took the car in case you had to use a pay phone to call home. Your iTunes consisted of sitting by the radio waiting for your favorite song to come on so you can press play on your tape recorder. Ah, all great memories. Now you are either approaching an age where the first number is a 5 or you are already there.

WOW…Where has the time gone! Retirement is just around the corner… or is it?

Working till 70 or later is the norm nowadays. So that means you are in the middle of your working career. How’s it going for you? Is what you are doing now going to carry you for another 20+ years? Or a better question would be… Do you want to do what you are doing for the next 20+ years?

Many of us have children who are either in college or have just started working and we constantly advise them to be planning for their working career. We tell them to try and find a career they are going to be successful at and also enjoy doing. If they do that, then they are way ahead of the game. What about us? Shouldn’t we be doing the same thing? Some of you are in the corporate world where once you reach a certain age your opportunities for advancement are limited. Or maybe you are already at the top rung and the view is not as glamorous or exciting as you thought or remember it once being.

Others are business owners who have worked year after year putting ourselves through thick and thin, and the roller coaster ride that was once thrilling has lost its edge. With all the technology of today and how everything is global, there are plenty of avenues available. Although it may look like all these opportunities are there for the younger generation, they are also there for you!

Think of all the skills you have gathered up over the years. Think of all the experiences you have had whether success or failures. Each one of them taught you something. That is a wealth of information that can be used in different ways.

So are you in a position where you can leave your mark on others? Are you really enjoying what you do and does it really matter to others what you are doing? If you are not happy answering those questions or don’t like the answer, then maybe it is time you re-evaluated your career. Also ask yourself one more thing… is your career affecting your health? The answer to that question should hopefully wake you up.

If you are still reading this, then you know that you could really use a change.

Remember, you are only in your 50s. There is a real good chance that you could live another 50 years. Enjoy them. You have earned that right!
Do not think of it as starting over but re-inventing yourself. And it doesn’t have to be an all or none thing. You could start this reinvention while you are still in your present career. Lots of different opportunities await you. The question isn’t Why should I? The question is why Shouldn’t I?

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