VIP Morning

Need a jumpstart to get you back on the path in your Entrepreneurial journey? How about an ultra-focused morning on what you need the most help with?  You can choose from one of the following focused area:

  • Collect Your Info & Organize Your Priorities
  • Pre-planning Strategies
  • Time Mastery
  • Review Your Results
  • Reverse Engineering

This is very hands on and very unique 3-hour session. You will come away with a crystal-clear strategy to the troubled focused area. Every VIP session starts with determining your top priorities. Then we roll up the sleeves to tackle the focused area. All about putting the puzzle pieces together. This is problem solving at its best!



Get Your #1 Goal Completed in 30 Days

We help you PICK ONE GOAL that we agree can be achieved. This is best done if you do the VIP Strategy Session first. We together then reverse engineer that goal and we set up 4 milestones, one milestone for each week. We then meet each week for 30 mins to review the week and the milestone. After the 4 weeks, we have a 30-minute call to review the makeover.



Your Take Control Quarter

Time to create a unique system that will work for you. This goes much deeper and more expansive than the 30-day program. We start with the Take Control Now Online course. We then take the Take Control Now System Template and go from there! Together we find your untimate vision for the next 12 months. We break it down further into 4 quarters and laser focus on the first quarter. We build a framework that covers all aspects of your life as the Entrepreneur.  We build in major and mini milestones along the way. We meet each week for 30 minutes with the exception of every 4 weeks when we meet for 45 minutes.

Package includes TCN Course & VIP Day