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Improve your focus with these time management tips

There are certain attributes entrepreneurs should have. Some include patience, hustle, focus, persistence, grind, sacrifice, and ambition. Today we will be focusing on focus, here are some tips that can help you focus better to get the most out of your day.

Pick three priorities of the day

What goal do you really want to achieve in one year’s time? Personally I  break my goals down to quarters, down to months, down to weeks, down to days. So I can make strides each day that will help accomplish my year goal. Also it is important to preplan your week, while making sure you accomplish objectives that help move your business forward. 

It is important to say that you probably can’t finish everything you have to in order to accomplish a goal in a day. That’s where focus comes in. What you have to do when you’re preplanning your week, look at each day and pick three things you can do that will get you closer to your goal each day and the goal for that week. May sure you put them into a calendar so you can hold yourself accountable for these three things.

Create 50/10 Blocks. 

Set aside three hours each day, one hour to tackle each of the three things that you want to accomplish in the day. During that one hour, you want to use a method called a 50/10 block. What that means is you will spend 50 minutes on the task you want to accomplish, nothing else. You will solely dedicate these 50 minutes just doing the task at hand. Then after the time, the next 10 minutes can be used for whatever you want, it is meant to be a break from working on the task. You can look at emails or can even walk around. I make sure I get up throughout the day because I don’t want to stay at my desk the whole day. 

Set up Work Area and Go. 

Make sure you have a workspace set up. Make sure that it’s quiet. Make sure you will not get disturbed. Make sure the desk has nothing else on except what you need to work on for that priority. You’re setting yourself up so that the only thing you see on your desk is the task at hand.

Then also the second part of this step is to do it. Start it. Put everything on mute, everything except for maybe a timer and for 50 minutes focus solely on the task at hand.

If you can make sure that you prioritize, these are three things. You will be moving forward each day, moving forward each week and then all of a sudden you’re gaining momentum and you will be hitting more of your milestones along the way before the year ends and all of a sudden Presto, your focus has helped you improve your business!

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