How To Keep Your Business Growing By Starting At Results

Written by Dennis Riley

March 5, 2020

I love helping business owners with the challenges of running a business, especially during the growth stage. Your business success or decline lies in your business structure. The structure I use with all my clients is called Start At Results. It’s structured like a triangle because everything comes to one focus and one goal for your business. The program is split into three different parts.

Part 1: Vision

Vision is the foundation for everything in your business. If you don’t have a good foundation, you’re not going to get to where you want to be. One of the first questions I ask my clients when we are deciding what should be their business vision is, where do you want to be in three years from now? 

Now you might be wondering: How does that answer help my current vision? Think about a business like driving a car, whenever you get into the car you have a destination in mind. No one really gets into a car and just starts driving aimlessly. So as the driver of the business, where are you going? 

Part 2: Strategy

The strategy I use to help my clients came from my own experiences. About 26 years ago I started my own business helping business owners with the technical aspects of business strategy. Every single software project we use the same exact method called reverse engineering, which is really a technical name for Start At Results. 

Our process included making mockups alongside our clients to learn how they wanted it to look and what results they wanted to get from the project. Once we had that vision we did the technical stuff to make the vision a reality. Along the way, we’d always check back with our clients to make sure that we were building the same vision they wanted. It was like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. First we figured out how the final product would like then we started constructing the puzzle. Over time I realized the process of reverse engineering could be done with any project with a system. 

Part 3: Systems

A system is a set of processes that when done together always achieves the same result no matter how many times you do it. 

Now you might be thinking, this is the third part of the triangle seems pretty simple. However you need systems in place to take your vision and strategy to one focus to complete your triangle. 

An example of a system is air traffic control at an airport. Without them you don’t know what runway to place a plane for takeoffs or arrivals, causing confusion on the tarmac or even worse maybe a crash. 

Having systems in place helps business owners tremendously. You cannot be everywhere at the same exact time. Business systems are like a car dashboard. When your driving you can look quickly see how much gas is in the car or see how fast you’re going. That’s what you want as a business owner. You want to have some kind of dashboard that all these systems can be monitored with key performance indicators that will help you see what systems are effective and what ones need your attention.

Need help finding your Triangle?

We went over the three areas of my Start at Results program. I can help your business with any of the three parts of this triangle. I got a free download to help you see where you are. This is the workbook I use and all my clients use to achieve amazing results. Hopefully these tips can help you out and you can decide which part you need the most help with.

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