There are so many business coaches out there. How do you choose? If you want to answer that question and make sure you watch the full video so you can get the strategy you need to pick the right business coach for you. Now, if you’re still on the fence of whether you need a business coach or not, check my latest video up so you can see for yourself, if you need one. Now, there are three areas I feel you need to look into to find the right business coach for you. Let’s dive in.

Area number one – Research. Now, how do you select the business coaches? Well, there’s so many of them out there. You just quickly go through and see which ones at least resonate with you and the ones that least resonate. Go a little further and do some research. Also, the best way to do it is to talk to other business owners in your area that you come in contact with and see if they have a business coach and they do. How do they like them and maybe you can look at them as well. Now, there is no shortcut here. You’re going to have to roll up your sleeves. You are going to have to do the research. You’re going to have to go their website. Check out what they have to offer. Check out, do they have any testimonials? Do they have any case studies, what plans they’re on? What are the social media platforms they might have? Do all those things to look at that content and see if it resonates with you. Even more that you want to do more research with this person? There’s some you’re going to look at say, “Oh, this looks pretty good” and then you go to start down the road and go, “eh-eh”. And you’re going to stop in your tracks. At least get to that point. They say, no, I don’t want to continue. Keep doing that until you get to a nice list. Then say, okay, these are the ones I want to continue with. And don’t forget, some of these websites have testimonials on it that aren’t real. That’s right, they’re not real. In fact, some of them use pictures that they get from a website template. You can pretty much see them a mile away too. Just be careful on that.

Now when it comes to social media, sure, check out all their content, but don’t be too impressed with all the different numbers and the followers and the likes and all that. That’s great. It’s just like a cherry on a sundae. Let’s not the entire sundae. If all you have is the topping, it’s not going to be a fulfilling experience at all.

Area two – Experience. Question for you. Would you go to an auto mechanic, that you knew the only thing that they did is they watched videos on how to fix cars and maybe they took one automobile class and that’s it? Make sure with your business coach that they have experience. And to me, makes sure the experience is that he or she has ran a business before. If they’re going to be a business coach and they’re going to be working with the business owner. You want to make sure that they have the experience necessary to help you out in situations because they’ve been before. You just don’t want to have a business as a coaching business and that’s it. They haven’t had any businesses before because they won’t be able to get into your shoes and help you in different situation. Another question for you, say, you want to hire someone who just got a college for your business. You had a couple of applications. One application has a great GPA, top of its class but has no experience. Can you have someone else who has maybe a 3.0 GPA but has three years’ experience because they went through a co-op program and they have a lot more experience. Which one are you going to look at more? Which one you probably don’t want to hire? The one with experience. Just remember that.

Area three – do a Disovery Call. Now discovery calls with the business coach are huge. Get on the phone with them and do a discovery call. They’re going to ask a ton of questions, but I want you to ask a ton of questions as well. Look for these signs during the conversation. How well is the business coach listening to you? Who’s doing more talking? You or the business coach? How has the rapport going with each other? Do you hear the passion and the coach’s voice about how he or she is doing with their business? Is conversation natural or forced? By the way, just a little tip by you asking the business coach questions as well. It forces them off their script. And what happens, it becomes more of a natural conversation and you get to find out how the business coach works and most of the time you’re getting a free sample of how they work and interact with you. And that’s, that’s valuable and what it does is it creates a synergy between you two and it’s like dancing. You need a partner to dance. How does the dance feel?

I’m giving you a bonus now. Uniqueness. Remember there are no two businesses alike. There’s no two business owners are like, and this also no two business coaches alike. Well they shouldn’t be. They’re all like, that’s not good. Find the one that works with you. Find the one that you can have a synergy with. Also, when it gets to the proposal stage and there’s a contract, how does the length of the contract feel with you? Are there other options that you maybe will feel more comfortable with? Ask, if you are still on the fence. Maybe, see if there’s a lower contract length that you can do to test it out with them. So, I hope you got useful tips in this video today.

By full disclosure. Yes, I am a business coach. Here’s some points about me in the different areas that we talked about.

Area one – Research. Yes, I have a website. It’s on that you will find information about my packages. Also, it has a case study where I highlight one of my clients. Also, you can sign up for newsletters and check out some of the online courses I have as well. Yes, I have other social media content including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, all the handles a GoalstoResults, check them all.

Area two – Experience. I’ve been an entrepreneur and a business owner for 25 years. For the first 20 years I had software development company that I started just with me and I worked my way up to 10 people strong. And for the last five years I’ve been doing business strategy coaching exclusively with business owners.

Area three- Discovery Calls. Yes, I have discovery call. You can sign up for a discovery call on my website. I also have the link below. And yes, I have several different types of programs that you can choose from and yes, you can ask me any question you want, as long as I get to ask you questions as well. And the bonus answer. Yes, I am very unique. I do not follow a template that someone else has. I create my own systems and I create my own flow with my business owners clients. Each individual client is different and I make sure that I tailor my system to work with a specific client. Again, I hope this was helpful. If you know of anyone who would like to hear this information as well, please share it with them.

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