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How to find the right business coach

There are so many business coaches out there. How do you choose? There are three areas I feel you need to look into to find the right business coach for you. Let’s dive in.

Area 1: Research. 

How do you select the business coaches? The best way to find a relevant coach is to talk to other business owners in your area that you come in contact with and see if they have a business coach. Ask them how do they like them.

You want to find a business coach that resonates with you. When doing research you want to look on their website and check out all that they have to offer. Checkout their; testimonials, case studies, and social media platforms. 

Now when it comes to social media check out all their content, but don’t be too impressed with all the different numbers of followers and the likes. It’s just like the cherry on a sundae, it is not the entire sundae.

Area 2: Experience. 

Make sure the business coach has experience. You want to make sure that they have the experience necessary to help you out in situations because they’ve been there before as a former business owner.

Area 3: Do a discovery call. 

Discovery calls with the business coach are huge. Look for these signs during the conversation. 

  • How well is the business coach listening to you?
  • Who’s doing more talking? You or the business coach?
  • How has the rapport between each other?
  • Do you hear the passion in the coach’s voice?
  • Is conversation natural or forced?

They’re going to ask a ton of questions, but I want you to ask a ton of questions as well. By asking the business coach questions it forces them off their script. Leading the conversation to become more of a natural conversation and you get to find out how the business coach works and how they interact with you.

By full disclosure. Yes, I am a business coach. Here are some points about me in the different areas that we talked about.

Area 1: Research

Yes, I have a website. It’s where you will find information about my packages, testimonials, and case study. You can sign up for newsletters and check out some of the online courses I offer. I have social media content including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. 

Area 2: Experience

I’ve been an entrepreneur and a business owner for 25 years. For the first 20 years I had a software development company that I started by myself and I worked my way up to 10 people strong. And for the last five years I’ve been doing business strategy coaching exclusively with business owners.

Area 3: Do a discovery call

Yes, I have a discovery call. You can sign up for a discovery call on my website. You can ask me any question you want, as long as I get to ask you questions as well.

I am very unique. I do not follow a template. I create my own systems with my business owner clients. Each individual client is different and I make sure that I tailor my system to work with each client.

Check out my website to learn more about me and please contact me if you think I would be a good fit as your business coach. I would love to set up a discovery call and learn more about you and your business. 

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