Being an Entrepreneur today can get overwhelming very quickly if you lose the sense of control. Everyone and everything seems to want your time. In fact, you seem to be working in your business more than on your business. And instead of gettting ahead and moving your business forward, you are playing catch-up and constantly in firefighter mode. Even your desk seems uncontrollable.

Enough is Enough!  Time to remove the clutter of every day. Time to remove the constant to-do lists. Time to get back to your vision of your business. It’s time to Take Control Now! Remember, you only have a limited amount of time each day. It isn’t about getting more time but using Time Management tools and methods to master the time you have!

In this workshop, you will once and for all focus on what you NEED to focus on. During the 3 hours, you will be doing hands on exercises that allow you to cut thru all that is going on now and refocus your energy to what really matters in your business. These exercises are tailored to YOU and nobody else. You will leave this workshop with YOUR Top Business Priority that you can start to work on as soon as you leave. Instead of going to an event where you just take notes and learn, come to an event that will allow you learn and take ACTION.

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