Find the data pattern, find the story

Written by Dennis Riley

September 14, 2022

When tracking your data in your business, everyone wants to see the data points.

The gold however isn’t in the data point but the story behind it. Why did something rise and fall? Why is one data point out of line with the rest?

Finding the story could be game changing!

Here is a quick example. I have been doing LinkedIn Lives for the past 8 weeks on every Thursday. I noticed a group of people immediately signed up for the event. My first assumption was there was a certain group that really liked my work. I decided to Direct Message some of them to find out more information. Not many responded but one did and it was an ah-ha moment. The person replied saying he didn’t realize he was signing up to attend an event. I did some more research and found some more responding in a similar way. I didn’t get 100% responses so I do not know the true results but enough replied to determine the actual data points do not equal interest.

The data point said one thing…the story said another.

You find the story, you find the gold.

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