I’m sure you’ve seen many of the business coaches online. They’re everywhere. Mainly the business owners are probably going, do I need a coach? If you want to find out this question, make sure you watch the entire video because I’m going to give you the information that you need to determine if you need a business coach or not.

You know while researching the keywords for this video? I saw one search term that said “business coaches are useless”. Oow, a little full harsh, don’t you think? Now aside from the knife stab that I get from that comment, I do see a sediment. Do I need a business coach? Well, let’s try to answer that for you. My quick answer for you is it depends. It depends where you are as a business owner right now and where you want to go. I broken up into three questions that you can ask yourself. Let’s dive in.

Question number one, am I efficient with my time? What kind of question? Actually, it’s a very important question and reveals a lot. How efficient are you with your time? Time is priceless. It’s gold. How many times do you hear someone said, I wished I had more hours in the day to get things done. Now, the interesting question is there are some business owners who have plenty hours doing a day to get exactly what they need to move their business forward and they very successful. Where others aren’t. You know, difference between the two, how they are with their time mastery. If you aren’t getting things accomplished every single day to move your business forward. Then you have an issue with time mastery.

Question number two, do I have my finger on every aspect and decision on my business? You know, I ask business owners this all the time. Do you have your hand on everything in your business? Some people answer right away, yes I do and I’m so proud of it. And as other people say, no, I don’t know, almost like they’re ashamed. My answer to them is, why you putting a stranglehold on your business? You pretty much just put a barrier or funnel in your business right away. If you are the hub of every single decision that is made in your company, your company will only move as quickly as you can get the work done. And if you’re a one person company, you’re not immune to this either. You keep saying, I am the only person here. I have to do everything. No, you don’t. Trust me, you don’t. So, if you said yes to this question, you need new systems and new strategies.

Question three, do I want my business to get to another level? There is so many questions that are derived from that one question. Do you want to go the next level? Most business owners will say yes to that question. Yes, I want to get to the next level of my business. Now, if you answered yes to this question, you got two choices. One, keep doing what you’re doing and just how to get to a next level of your business on your own or two find someone who’s been there before and can help you through the process. Just remember one thing, many problems in a business have solutions. Also many problems in a business are not unique. There are others who have already come across those problems and they have the solutions for you. All you got to do is tap into that and learn from them. By doing that, you save time and aggravation and energy and you move to the next level quicker.

So quick recap. If you answered no to question one or yes to question two or yes to question three. Yes, you could use the help of a business coach and my advice to you is to find a business coach. Now finding out the business coach says right for you is another topic, and guess what? I do have a video on that, but it’s coming out next week. Make sure you subscribe to my channel and makes sure the hit the bell, so you get notified when that video is out.

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