Same Data, 2 Different Stories

Written by Dennis Riley

February 1, 2021

2 clients, 2 sets of data… 2 different stories.

You see in the example, 2 screen shots of Google Analytics for 2 different clients during the same 7 day period.

Each client has different challenges.

The top client needs to get more traffic to their website BUT when the users go to the website, they stay an average of 4 minutes. There is something there to build on.

The bottom client gets users to their website but there seems to be nothing on the website that interests them so they only stay on one page over 84% of the time.

But the story doesn’t end right there. You need to dig more to see if these quick assumptions are correct. And most of the time, what you see initially is not what is really going on.

In BOTH cases, that is exactly the case.

Do the research and dig. Go deep. Find out what the real story the data is telling you.

What is your data telling you?

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