So, you think you’re great at multitasking? Think again.

Hi there, Dennis Riley Goals to Results and welcome back. Today I want to talk to you about multitasking. I have talked to so many entrepreneurs about multitasking and we get into some great debates about it. Before we go any further, please stick around until the end of this video. I have something for you that I really want you to do. Now when it comes to being an entrepreneur, we have a lot of stuff on our plate and not enough time in the day to do everything on our plate. So some of us think, you know what? If we can multitask and do multiple things at once, we’ll clear off our plate. We’ll be able to move forward. Guess what? The human brain cannot focus on two different tasks simultaneously.

You don’t believe me, I had a workshop recently and I did this experiment. Check it out.

I have some gum and I need three volunteers, so I need one person who wants to chew a piece gum. Who wants to do it? I need one person. You, have the gum that’s yours, by the way. Anyone wants gum, I have this? Wait? It’s not poisonous, don’t worry, don’t worry. All right, now what you’re going to do, okay? No, just put it in your mouth, all right, don’t worry. So now I need two other volunteers from their seats. I’m going to pick you two. Okay, so you guys have pretty easy jobs here. Now that you’re chewing, that’s all I got to do the whole time, okay? Okay. But here’s what going to do. You’re going to chew regularly and you’re going to count how many times you chew. At the same time. I’m going to tell a story and there’s going to be different colors in the story and you’re going to tell me how many times I say, any color. Okay. Now you’re going to try. You are going to count the number of times he chews. You are going to listen to my story and tell me how many colors I say.

Okay, all right. Are you ready to be counting?  Wait, he’s counting the, he has to count both. You have to chew and count his chewing. Then he has to tell me how many. All you’re doing is laser focus. Think about how many times he chews.  We ready? We’re going to start. Okay?

This weekend, Saturday was a fantastic day weather-wise. I walked out and it was a beautiful crystal blue sky. It was awesome. And then what happened is I had to go into the shed and I had to get all tools. I had a red handle, one had a blue handle, a brown handle, and there was one handle. Those missing that I think was like a shade of purple. Okay. Then when I did, I came out and I said alright. And then I was sneezing, why am I sneezing? Oh, I over here there’s a bush that was blooming, a beautiful yellow bush. And then over here there was a purple bush that was right near the window. And across the street there was some beautiful roses. I saw red roses, yellow roses. You saw some deep purple ones. It was amazing. And then let me tell you what happened. I had to go in, the grass was so green and I had my green wheel barrel. And then what happened afterwards is that my shoes got all dirty. They used to be blue, but then they turned like to brown. End the story.

Go ahead. Purple – 3, blue – 3, everything else 2, brown- 1. Everything, so how many? So how many in total? How many did I chew or how many colors? How many colors total? Oh geez. Okay. Hold on. Is purple, the same as deep purple? Whatever you want to do. I mean different colors. No, different times I said a color. I could say blue 20 times. Oh, you just wanted a color said. Oh, that would be so much easier. I divided them up. Wow, impressive! I’m going to say 30. Okay. How many times did you chew gum? 50 something times. How did I say a color, 14. How many times do he chew, I counted 74. Ok, that’s it. Thank You very much. Appreciate it.

Try this for yourself. Try focusing on two tasks at once. Equally importance and try focusing on both of them. You can’t do it. Now, sure you might be able to two tasks at once. But they’re not going to be efficient. And guess what? As an entrepreneur, if you don’t mind doing a task that’s not efficient, why are you doing that task in the first place? You should either delegate to someone else but don’t do it at all. The only task that on your place should be the ones that you have to focus on and should do one at a time. Now, if you have two urgent things that have to get done, this is what you do.

Step one, do the first task and do to the best of your ability, 100% laser focus. 100% laser focus, no emails, no phone calls, nothing. Just do the task. When that’s done, do the next task. Do the same thing, 100% focus. When you finish those two tasks, you will how much more efficient you can get done when you focus 100% on what you’re doing. I hope you found this worthwhile watching. Now are going to favor for you.

I have created an online course called Clear Your Head it is all about the steps needed for you to come up with the exact vision that you want to see yourself a year from now. All I need is people to look at this course. Give me some feedback so I can modify and I can put it out there online for the public, but I need your help first. All you have to do is there’s a link below. Click on the link and sign up for the course.

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