Data is Data…Until You Make it a Story

Written by Dennis Riley

October 10, 2020

Today a business owner is surrounded by tons of data.

Looking at all of it can easily overwhelm you and leave your head spinning.

Nobody has time to look at all the data or figure out what it all means. The key is to look at the data that is the most important to YOUR company.

Data is just data until you make it a story. This means until your data is organized in a way that allows you to see your most important data, you cannot use the data properly.

Words in a book mean nothing until it they are organized to tell a story. Data is the SAME as words.

Organize your data to tell a story. And tell YOUR story and not what other companies track. Your story will reveal a ton and give you patterns both good and bad. Only then will you discover your TRUE story.

Does your data tell a story?

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