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A closer look at this data dashboard…

Do you have multiple projects going on? All those projects have data points and they need to be tracked. This dashboard helps you see what is on track and what is not. It is also a great way to determine resource allocation.  Once you know the data to look for, the numbers can give very specific insights. Watch this video and also watch the other videos to see other data dashboard samples.

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More Sample Dashboard Pages

Check out some specific sample dashboard pages below. Click on the image to see a working model.

Leads/Pipeline Dashboard

Do you know where all your business is coming from? How about what leads are in the pipeline now and at what stage?

Google Analytics Dashboard

Who is coming to your website? What pages are they viewing the most? What locations are they from and how long do they stay on your site?

Financial Dashboard

Are you on track with your financial goals? Are you profitable and which months are you most profitable?

Project Management

What projects is your team working on now? Are you falling behind? Do you have room for more projects? What are the next deadlines?

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