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Data Dashboard Example – Finance

Every business has financial data. Whether it’s quickbooks online or some other software package, business owners know how to see their data.

But how ofter do you look at it and how quick can you get your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). You do not need to look at all your data all the time. Just like a dashboard in a car, you only need to look at the data points that are important to the direction of your business.

Why log into a software package and run different canned reports to get only the items you need. 

Why not have the financial data in the same platform as the rest of your business key data. 

One login only for all the different types of dashboards getting the data YOU need quickly.

Watch the video to see a sample of a client dashboard we did. Remember, this is only a sample. We do not do canned dashboards. We custom make all our dashboards.

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