6 areas to control 


How strong is your CRM?

  • Is it easy to use?
  • Can you get the data you need?
  • Can it handle the full client journey?
  • Can it do automation, email marketing, workflows, landing pages?
  • Can it import from your old contacts?
  • Is it hard to setup?
  • Can it handle multiple pipelines?
  • Does it stay at one fee as you grow?

If you answered YES to ALL the Questions, your CRM is strong! If not, you may need to look for another CRM.

Having Strong CRM is like having a strong mast in your Boat

Having a strong CRM is the key component to having a strong business. This is why this is the mast of your boat. If your CRM is not strong, your business will suffer. You want to make sure you can effectively track and communicate with your potential clients, current clients and past clients.

CRM stands for Customer/Client Relationship Management. This is the full client journey. Many CRMs handle the leads to sales part very well. Then they fall off the cliff once you get them as a client. You need to communicate every step of the way with your clients. You need to make sure your team is on the same page during the entire process. Your CRM needs to be able to handle multiple pipelines, workflows, automations and even more.

Also, many CRMs increase in price as your pipleline grows or you add more users. And the increase can be quite steep. Once you ae fully vested in a CRM and the cost increases, many times you are stuck because you do not want to start all over. 

Make sure your CRM is right for you and can grow with you without the cost growing as well.

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