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Case Study – Jake Metcalfe

Name: Jake Metcalfe
Business: Financial Planner for Northwestern Mutual

Started Business: 2016
Client: October 2017 – present

Programs used: Start At Results, Clear Your Head

When I started working with Jake in October of 2017, he was struggling with his business. He was always working in his business with his clients but he didn’t understand the difference between working ‘on’ versus ‘in’ your business. I told Jake I could help him with vision, strategy and systems. However, he would have to have the will and perseverance and do the work it took. There were struggles along the way but wow did Jake do the work! He is the perfect example of a client doing what it takes to accomplish the goals set out. We are entering year 3 of us working together and I am so proud of his accomplishments. I am so glad he continues to want to work together. I asked him to answer some questions about his journey. The questions and his answers are below. Enjoy reading!

1. What problem(s) were you hoping to solve with my program?

I was hoping to find ways to become more efficient within my practice and grow my book of business. 

2. What have you been able to achieve since using my program?

I have become more organized and focused around my practice. Dennis has given me the tools and ideas to continuously have a better year in client and production growth, year over year. 

3. How is running your business different since using my program?

Dennis keeps me laser focused on the tasks I need to act on to work “on and in” the business and forces me to continuously think bigger. I am much more organized in my daily tasks versus what felt like tackling a mountain of things that needed to be done, with no efficient plan in place. Dennis has helped me create a roadmap to keep hitting new goal targets as my business has grown. 

4. What has exceeded your expectations since working with me?

Dennis’s ability to break down my business and process and re-engineer it to make it a smoother machine has been so helpful. Dennis has helped me 2x my business in the first year working with him, and I am on the way to 2x my business again, just with being able to think bigger with Dennis’s system and processes in place. 

5. What is the biggest result from my program?

Since working with Dennis, I 2x’d my business in the first year, qualified as a top 10 (#8) Under 5 Year Advisor in my state, was recognized as a top 60 Under 5 Year Advisor in my company, along with numerous other recognitions. My business has and is still continuing to grow with the help of Dennis.

6. What about my program surprised you the most?

Dennis has the ability to uncover the root of inefficiencies by re-engineering processes. This has been priceless in my ability to mentally shift what I have been doing to fix the main cause on some of my inefficiencies in running my practice.  

7. What would you tell someone who’s considering working with me?

Stop thinking about if it’s worth it, because what Dennis offers is priceless. I would not be where I am today without Dennis’s guidance, which is why I still continue to meet with him and use his systems. It continues to help drive my business and keep me focused on thinking so much bigger than when I started working with Dennis over 2 years ago. My goals when I first started have been far surpassed since working with Dennis. I look forward to creating the next set of goals as he helps me make a plan to attack the business. 

8. Is there anything else that you would like to comment on or say about me or my program?

Dennis is not a typical business coach that will sit you down and give you analysis. He truly cares about what he does and the success of those he works with. I consider him a part of my team and staff as my own Chief Development Officer. He is that important to the success of my business. I only wish I had his program when I first started building my business!