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Business Planning tips to help you make your 2020 your most successful year

Do you have a plan for 2020 for your business? I’m going to show you my three steps of planning for the year 2020. How was your 2019? Did you get all the results you wanted or were you like on a hamster wheel working and you weren’t getting the results that you want to get out of your business? Well, guess what? The year 2020 it’s not only a new year but a new decade. It’s time to get a new strategy. If you want new results, you need to get a different plan of attack. And this is the plan of attack that I’m going to help you with.

Let’s make 2020 the best year of your business. So, let’s start with the three steps.

Step number one: See It.

What is the end result that you want your company to have in 2020? Have a destination. And know what it’s like when you get to that destination. You’re going to really want it because if you don’t you’re probably not going to achieve it.

Step two: Reverse engineer.

Instead of starting where you are and trying to figure out how to get to your goal. Start at the goal and work your way back.

Think of climbing a mountain. You’re at the base of a mountain right now. You want to climb that 2020 mountain. You look up, you cannot see the tip of the mountain. Now, let’s suppose you take a helicopter to the top of the mountain. You are at the goal you want to achieve in 2020. So now that you’re there, think about what do I need to get this view? What is are the last couple of steps that I needed to get this result? You start seeing the paths and you start walking down to the base. Interested in learning more about reverse engineering? Be sure to take a look at my three-part series about reverse engineering (Vision, Strategy, System)

Step three: Dominate.

You have to be ready to dominate whatever area that you’re in. You want your goal to be so high that you’re going to dominate your field. If you have that frame of mind to dominate, you are going to go a lot farther than you would in 2019 or any other years.

Now if you have those three things, you definitely have what it takes to make up a plan. Now, if you need a little bit more help with that, I got something for you. I’ve created a brand new program called Create Your 2020 Vision. That’s right, 2020 vision. It goes through the steps of what you need to know and create your goal, and how to lay it out so that you have milestones along the way that you can achieve your goal. I took my one to one private program and I took the structure of it and I’m now I’m making a group program. It’s four classes live, so if you want to know more information about this, click on the link so you can learn all about it.

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