So why am I here at a baseball field to talk about business networking? I think it’s a great analogy and I want to show you my three tips, so let’s get started.

Hi there, Dennis Riley Goals to Results. I am here at a baseball field, home of the Cape Cod league, Falmouth Commodores. As a small business owner, do you go to a networking groups and if you do, do you have a system for it or do you just go and wing it? What if I told you the having a business networking system has taking my business to the next level? Want to find out more? I want to give you three tips to help you find the right business networking group for you. Make sure you stick around to the end of the video because I want to show you the worksheet that I use to keep all my business systems in check. Also for some great tips on business strategy, systems and vision. Please click on a subscribe button for this channel and make sure you click the bell to get notified. I do a video every single Wednesday. I’d love for you to see it.

First off, I want to make sure that you realize that you need a system and a strategy for networking. Networking is too important for your business, is a great place to find new customers and keep that pipeline going for your business. So let’s get started.

Tip number one, get into the game. That’s right. Get into the game. Don’t be on the sidelines. You want to be in the game. So let’s go. Oh, I’ve forgot to tell you one thing. That game over there, when you’re in the that game, you are on a baseball team, one team, one game at a time with networking. There are so many teams. Let me show you. Like I said, I’m here in the baseball field, the Falmouth Commodores. They have one of 10 teams. They were in the Cape Cod baseball league. And guess what? I have all 10 hats. So, I’m going to show you with each of the 10 hats, how many different groups there are. Chambers, BNI, meetups, business after hours, speaking, trade shows, associations and also in the social realm you got Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. There are a lot of hats here. What do I do? Can’t wear them all at once. But I can wear one at a time this is a good fit. Think I’ll wear this one first.

Tip number two, have a plan and take action. First of all, you want to do some research of those groups that I mentioned, which one of those groups might interest you the most based on where your potential clients and customers could be at? Where are they hanging out? That’s where you want to go first. The people you hang up and not only that, it’s also the people who know your clients, potential clients where they hang out because it’s not just the egg you looking for. You also look at chickens, chickens and the eggs. Therefore you want to try to find out both of your potential customers and maybe some people who know your potential customers and you partner with them. Then once you do that, you start planning out which ones you’re going to go do and you got to go there and you got to show up. But make sure you have a plan showing up. I don’t want you to just go there and all you’re going to do is pass out business cards like it’s food. All right? Don’t do that. Go in meet as many people as possible. Shake their hands. You ask the questions, ask the questions right up front. Find out about them first. And once you find out about them, maybe you can have more conversation. And at that point in time, maybe you do exchange business cards and you shake their hands and you move on to the next person.

What do you do with that business card? I want to on the back have a little mark. You’re going to put either cold, warm, or hot. Okay. I don’t care what kind of marks you put some people put stars, boxes, circles, whatever, three lines, two lines, one line, whatever you can. Do it quickly so that you know what your system. So when you’re going to thank me, because when you get home, you might have a lot of different business cards. You want to know which ones are the hot, the warm, and the cold.

Tip number three, follow up. Once the event is over, you’re not done, not even close to done. When you get back, I want you to take those hot leads that you had from those business cards. Remember on the back you’re going to have a check mark. Those hot leads, I want you to email right away. Thanking them it was nice to meet you and would you like to follow up with a meeting, whether it’s by phone, call in person, whatever. Get the ball rolling and meet this person. You can also do that for the warm leads as well. The cold ones don’t do, there’s only so many hours in a day. Just stick with that. I also have a bonus tip for you. That’s right. There’s a fourth one. Think outside the box. Maybe you make your own event and you invite people. That’s one way of networking. Another one is maybe you partner with someone else. That’s another way that you can have events. You partner with someone else and you, you have a joint event.

Another is whatever group that you do go to. Find out what the rules of that group is. I’ll give you an example. I’m going in a BNI group. I’m a member of a BNI group. There is a rule that I can go to other chapters twice a year, the same chapter twice a year, as long as I don’t conflict with another seat. I’m a business coach. What I did is I looked around my area and I found over 20 different chapters that I could go to with no conflict. So, what I did is I went to ten them over the summertime. Just in the two months I went to 10 of them, I got in front of 200 people that I would not have gotten in front of before. That’s what you want to do. Think outside the box. Not many people do that. Figure out how you can keep going and meet as many people as possible. Now that you have a business networking system, don’t stop there. There are plenty other systems in your business that you can use to help your business move forward, become more efficient. I have a worksheet that I want to give you that if you fill it out, you can figure out what areas of the company do you need to put a system in. I’ll give you the link below All you have to sign up for it. It’s free to you. If you liked what you saw today, please share it with someone else. I’d love you to do that. And also like comment below, I’d love to hear your comments. What systems are you using right now? And don’t forget, I have other videos here. Check those out as well. And also don’t forget to subscribe. I love to see you next time and if you have any questions, let

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