12 week program

Build A Stronger Business Structure

Results from a Stronger Structure

  • Increased Sales
  • Opportunity to scale your business
  • Control of your business
  • Increased close rates
  • Integrated referral programs
  • Systems to run your business
  • Strategies to grow your business
  • Control of your data
  • A crystal clear Vision and planned milestones along the way
  • Your goals in line with your vision
  • Less stress and more determination

If you like to see these results in your business, read on!

The time to build a strong business is now!

There is so many things outside the control of a business owner. However, you need to make sure to control what you can control. And we can show you how.

This program is not about telling you what to do and maybe giving a tool or 2 to help you do it.

Your plate is full enough as it is. Giving you more tasks is NOT the answer. The answer is we work together to get you a stronger business structure.

For best results, this program should follow the Turbo My CRM program. If you haven’t taken this yet, here is the link.

We will work with you in 6 areas of your business.

Here is what we will do for you and with you:

  • Review your CRM data and adjust accordingly
  • Review your Client Journey Map and adjust 
  • Review your existing data
  • Review existing Lead & Lag Indicators
  • Review your existing goals, systems & strategies
  • Build a KPI Data Dashboard
  • Build a solid year vision
  • Map out Quarterly, Monthly & Weekly goals
  • Review Client Referral Program and adjust
  • Review Business Partner Referral Program and adjust
  • Build 1 ‘Out of the owner head’ system
  • Create Quarterly Strategy
  • Pre-kickoff Form Assessment
  • Weekly Check-ins
  • Weekly Progress Report
  • We will oversee entire process

Are you excited yet?

Being a business owner is a tough job. We know exactly what you are going through. We want you to stay in your Zone of Genius and we will stay in ours. Together, we can get your business stronger than ever! 

A strong business has the ability to take on the toughest unknowns.

Want to learn more? Let’s have a FREE discovery call and see if we can work together.