Are you in control of your business?

Written by Dennis Riley

November 5, 2022

Are you in control of your business? Control these 5 areas and you greatly increase the odds of controlling your business. Why the boat theme? It brings home the point how strong you need ALL these areas to work well together.

Here are the areas:

The base areas:

1. Time Mastery – Do you have control of your plate and your day? It is not about just managing time but mastering it.

2. Goals – Do you know where you want your business to go in 3 years? Do you have a big goal for this year? Do you preplan your week?

3. Data – Do you have control of all the data that exists in your business? Do you know your Key performance Indicators (KPIs)? Do you have a single dashboard where you can check on those KPIs with ONE login?

The areas that can be adjusted when needed.

4. Strategies- Do you have strategies in place that work with your goals and your data? And can they be easily adjusted and adaptable based on the winds of change?

5. Systems – Do you have systems in place in your business especially in the key areas of your business? Do they collect data in any easy to see format? Are they adaptable and can be modified if the results change?

Build this boat solid and it will be able to handle the waves that can occur as a business owner. And build it so it is flexible enough to change direction when needed.

Which area do you feel the most solid? Which area do you feel needs improvement in your business?

If your boat is strong, you have a greater chance of handling any unexpected storm or things out of your control. Are you ready for 2023?


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