Are you a business operator or a business owner?

Written by Dennis Riley

March 10, 2022

Most entrepreneurs would instantly say ‘Of course, I am a business owner!’ 

Are you really?

If you take time off from your business for any amount of time, does your business continue to move forward?

Those who have a 1 person business or a small staff would say ‘No, because I am the business’. Well if that is the case then you are a business operator.

Now, don’t start sending me bad emails about what you just read. Trust me, I have been in your shoes and there are many days I feel like a business operator. 

Even as a 1 person operation you can still be more than a business operator.

How? By making sure your business has systems.

Here are 3 simple areas to get systems in your business.

  1. Can you help a potential lead with questions after hours? 
  2. Are there processes in your business that are manual that you repeat over and over again?
  3. Are there ways you can add value to your clients when you aren’t there?

Let me show you an example of what I mean. Look at the first question:

Can You help a potential lead with questions after hours? 

I am not talking about you answering your phone or texting someone at 8pm at night. How can someone get in touch with you?

For someone who is new and wants some info about your business, how do they reach out to you? The simple answer is either a simple regular contact form or your email on your website or on your social media pages. Is that the best way?

If someone just emails you, the email goes into your inbox with every other email. And if you are like me you get a ton of emails every day. You have to go thru all the emails to find this email that potentially gets you business.

And if you have a simple contact us form on your page, the form data also goes into your email inbox (as long as it works). Oh and hopefully you have some kind of ‘captcha’ on your form so you don’t get spammed with crap!

In both of those cases above, the user sends info and waits for any reply by you and you need to dig thru all other emails to get the email in the first place. Hopefully you don’t overlook it or delete it by mistake.

Imagine if the potential lead fills out a form and get an email back from you right away stating you will get back to them but also giving links to Frequently Asked Questions or a link to other resources on your website that they may have missed or even better a link to a short video about you so they can learn more.

Then imagine if not only you get an email in your inbox but this data on the form is put into a spreadsheet that you can look at every morning to see if anyone contacted you via the website and you just click on the email address in the form to start the reply process. The data will not get lost or overlooked and you can get back to the person sooner and be more efficient.

Simple ways to save time and give your potential lead a nice sense of who you are from the start.

In the example I just gave you, you could be laying the groundwork for a potential lead and you weren’t even there in person to get the ball rolling! 

I just gave you a couple of steps with the contact us form. You can also go deeper and further by automatically putting this data into your CRM or your leads system. (If you don’t have either of those, we need to talk!)

This is one of several ways to implement systems that can make it easier for you to do business and actually get you closer to being the business owner you know you can be!

If you want to learn more about the contact form approach, instant message me or email me and lets start the conversation.

Have a great day! 

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