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My name is Dennis Riley and I am the founder and owner of Goals To Results. I have been helping small business owners with business strategy and data strategy for over 26 years.

I started my first company, Softmedia in 1994. I worked with business owners to create custom software applications to improved different parts of their business. Whether it was a billing package, a customer service application, a lead system or even a management tool, we provided top notch applications with equally top notch services. But it became quickly apparent that I needed to know more about the company than just the software project of my clients. The strategy was extremely helpful to all the projects.

Expanding each project to include business strategy and data strategy worked extremely well and Softmedia grew in size due to the people and the results created. I started to realize that this system of releasing software did not have to be confined to technical applications. I worked with existing clients to implement other business strategies.

I created another company called Alore Group in 2011. This company would oversee all different projects whether technical or non-technical. The technical projects were still handled by Softmedia. Alore Group would eventually become Goals To Results. Same company but the name says it all. Our goal is to get results for our clients whether it is in Business Strategy, Data Strategy or creating Data Dashboards for our clients. 

Not a short story and probably not a straight line. But thats what happens with a 26 year journey. The journey was also not smooth and VERY hilly with its share of ups and downs. But with perseverance and determination, the journey still continues and our clients are the ones who benefit the most.

You see… with experience comes the knowledge of what works and doesn’t work. The road to success is filled with battle scars. The lessons learned from these scars are shared so that maybe our client’s scars run less deep. And our clients have a person on their team that can make their ride a little more smoother.

Experience is a good thing! Boy did that experience come in handy in 2020! The problems were new but the problem solving wasn’t. It’s nice to have that 26 years experience in our back pocket to help our clients through some pretty challenging times!