Are you in control of your day? It’s got to be a better way?

Hi Dennis Riley from Goals to Results. Today’s topic, five ways to take control of your day. Yes, it can happen. Can I get five ways to show you, but before we begin, make sure you stay until the end because I got some extra bonus tips as well. So, let’s get started.

Number one, rise above the noise, that’s right? Is a noisy world out there. Whether it’s websites, social media, email, phone calls, all the experts trying to say, do it this way, do it that way. Is a very noisy world out there. The number one culprit, your phone. Oh, it’s a great device. I use it all the time. This is fantastic. In fact, I put everything here. I got my schedule here, phone’s here, emails here, everything. So it’s always with me. I’m on the go. Guess what? It’s always with you. 24/7, is that what you really want?

When people call you and they’re not returning your phone call or people email you when the not return your email or people text you and then not return your texts. It is their agenda. So the question is are you going to go through your day on your agenda or their agenda? Like I said, this phone is great, but learn to use it properly so that it doesn’t get out of control.

Number two, take control of your number one client. That’s right. Your number one client. Who is your number one client? The one that can generate the most revenue for you, the one that’s most loyal to you, the one that has your back 24/7, the one who tells the world about you. That’s your number one client. Guess what, you are your number one client. As an entrepreneur, there is no one who is as passionate as you. As you as an entrepreneur, you have the vision of the company. You know where you want to take it. As an entrepreneur, you need to come on top of your game every day. The buck stops here, right? The buck cannot stop here if you’re not here. Whether it’s eating properly, exercising properly, stress management, all these things, whatever it takes to make you the most healthy, especially asleep. Don’t become sleep deprived. Get as much sleep as you can. You know in your body how much sleep you need to be rested. Do that. Take control of you, your number one client.

Number three, get clarity. Do you know where you want to be a year from now? What your business do you know we want to be three years from now in your business? Do you know when you get to where you want to be? Do you know exactly what it looks like? Do you know exactly how it’s going to be? You need that clarity, that clarity from up above where you know exactly where you want to be a year from that helps clarity when you decide what tasks you do, even on a daily basis. Okay? There’s lots of different ways to get clear with that, but make sure you get clear. Otherwise you’re going to be running around and you’re not going to be going forward in any direction.

Number four, create a plan. That’s right. Create a plan. Just like when you go into a car as a driver and you get into the car, you turn the keys on, you better know where you’re going. Where do you already know where you’re going? Or you need a GPS to get you there. You still have a destination in mind. You don’t get into a car and drive around aimlessly with no destination. Then why do you do it on a day to day basis with your business? Well, why do you do it even a month at a time or quarter at a time? You need to move forward consistently to get toward your ultimate goals. You’re not going to achieve your ultimate goals in one day. However, if you can move a little bit forward every single day to get that goal, it’s like climbing a mountain. You not the climb, the biggest mountain in one day like Mount Everest.

What you do is you attack the mountain little by little, by little, by little, to get to a top. Same thing with a plan. Make sure you create one.

Number five, become a time master. That’s right. Become a time master. There is so many time management tools out there. They’re all great. You just got to decide which ones work for you, but you should have them, especially preplanning. You have made sure you preplanned properly blocking like-minded tasks, not using email 24/7 and having a specific time to use email. I can go on and on and on, but make sure you read about time management skills. Find some of the ones that work for you and do them.

And here’s a bonus tip. I will give you my number one time management tool. I love it. It’s called 50/10. What is that? You take a very high priority task that you want to do and it’s a very laser focused task and you don’t do anything else but that task for 50 straight minutes, you are laser focus on that task. You do not answer emails, you do not answer your phone. You do not have someone come in and have a conversation with you. You were in total, total focus on just that one set of tasks or task. Do it for 50 straight minutes. Then you have 10 minutes, 10 minutes, just walk around. Make sure you get up and walk around this. Do not just go two or three hours at your desk. You need to get up and move around. 50/10 is great because it refocuses the brain and let you do it again, if you want to follow them with another 50/10. It’s a great tool. Please try it. If you do two or three tasks, two or three 50/10 a day is just like doing six hours of work. That’s right. It will cut your time in half. All those hours you’re looking for, do 50/10’s, you’ll get them back.

Now, I just covered the surface on these five ways. There is so many different, details within each surface. I did a workshop not too long ago. About hour’s worth of videos, I recorded it. If you’re interested in seeing that, I got the link below, just sign up and watch it.

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