What does doing a puzzle have to do with achieving your business goals? It’s very similar. You’d be surprised. Stick around. You’re about to find out. All right, what do you think? It’s good.

Hi there. Dennis Riley Goals to Results. Today I want to talk to you about how to achieve your business goals using reverse engineering. Today I’m here with my father, Paul Riley and we’re going to go over how to do five steps in achieving your business goals. Ready for this? Ready for it. Let’s do it.

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Alright, let’s get started. Reverse engineering is a problem solving technique that is used in the technical fields out. For 20 years I had a software development company and we always use reverse engineering for every single software project. Another way of saying reverse engineering is start at results. Let me just quickly go over the process. Well, we used to do is do a mock up to show the users exactly how the end result was going to look like. Once we ironed that out, it was time to do the technical stuff, to implement the vision and figure out a process or system to obtain the vision.

My mom and dad love to do puzzles, and when I watched him do a puzzle, it really is reverse engineering. So let’s talk about that and we’re going to do five steps. They’re very similar. You ready to do the five steps? Ready. Let’s do it right.

Step one, what is the vision of the goal? Now, in this case, the vision is right here on a puzzle it’s right in front of you. Next question is, why was this puzzle chosen? It was chosen because we like landscapes and it’s got lots of colors and it’s 1,000 pieces. And would you do something that’s 25,000 pieces? No, that’s too extravagant. Okay. Would you do something with 25 pieces? No, it’s too easy? Too easy. Exactly, just like the vision for your business. What is it, is it something too easy? You’re not going to ever plan it, so why haven’t think about that? If it’s something too extravagant. Again, what’s going to happen is you’re not even going to get to that point. Where you want to do when you do a vision is figure out something that has a little bit far reaching for you, but you know that you’ll be able to accomplish it.

Now, if you need help with, any vision on your business, I have a video that I just did recently and I’ll put that at the end of this video.

Step two, what areas make up this vision. Now in business, what things need to happen for you to achieve your vision? Is it, are you going to do it alone? I going to have it with a team. Do you have the skillset? Do you need to have a new skillset? Where are your clients? Do you know exactly how to get your clients? Do you know what your clients are? Those all the areas that you need to know about what you need to accomplish for your vision. Now, when it comes to building a puzzle, what are the different types of areas you need to build a puzzle? Well first of all, you differentiation of your colors will they are placed in the puzzle and of course the edge is around.

Step three, sort the areas create a strategy. All right, this is the fun part creating a strategy. You just brought up the areas and the last step. Now you got to go deeper and start creating a strategy. For example, maybe in the last step you said you wanted to hire a team. Was that team going to be made of? What is the skillset of that team? How are you going to find that team, you dig deep into a strategy? Now for puzzles, what do you do for strategy? Strategy is I sort them into colors first of all. I’m taking out a bunch of pieces. I’m going to turn them over and separate them so the colors all line up and if I find an edge. What I do is put it in the bucket immediately, which I have another bucket to put all the colors in there. Complete doing that all along until the tray is empty then I get some more.

Step four, create a system and take action. Now, we create the strategy in the last step. Now it’s time to create a system. System is a nice little container that’s going to keep track of what you have to do at different points in time. What I do is I have a system called started results. I take that year vision and we break it up into different segments for the year. We break it up into four different quarters. Then we take that quarter, we break it up into three months. Then we take each of those months, break it up into weeks. We take each of those week break up in a day, do it that little piece at a time going forward. It take actions. You have results and milestones that you go after every single day.

Now I’m sure you have a system for puzzles. What is your system? My system is to get all the edges together and spread them out and try to match them up into different areas of the edges so they connect. I take all my blue pieces for instance. I keep on going all across like that. So they continual along, and I’ll put this, I know I got four rows because top, bottom and the sides all go together. And once I get all my edges, I have a big square of all my edges. Then I take my colors and do the same thing.

Step five, track your results and adapt if necessary. Alright, this step, a lot of people skip over. They think all they have to do is have a vision, have a strategy, have a system and take action and you’re golden. Not necessarily the most important part of all this is tracking your results and adapting if necessary. We’re not fortune tellers here, so we might have a plan as to begin with, but this things along the way, they’re going to change and based on our results and some of our actions, we’re going to have to adapt. Now, when it comes to making a puzzle, my adaption is put them into shapes and of course shapes don’t always fit together. If one shape doesn’t go into one piece, then I have to find another piece that corresponds with it. I look at the shape and size of it and that’s what I’ll do. We’ll go along until I get that one, because once I get a piece like that, then I know my connecting pieces go along that way, so I’m trying to narrow this area so it finishes that.

So, there you have it. Now it’s time for you to achieve your goals. I have a PDF that pretty much summarizes everything that we just talked about here, about the five steps that you need to achieve. Your goal I have to do is click on the link and just sign up and you got to get the free PDF. You have anything you want to add. If you like this video, share with your friends. Hit the subscribe button. You heard him go do subscribe. I hope you have a great day and take care of it. Get some other videos below for you to check out. I have a great week. See you next week.

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