5 Steps to Reverse Engineer Your Goals

Written by Dennis Riley

September 25, 2019

Watch 5 steps to reverse engineer your goals. Featuring a special guest my father!

Reverse engineering is a problem-solving technique and can be summarized as starting at results. For 20 years I had a software development company and we always used reverse engineering for every single software project. We used to do a mock-up to show the users exactly how the end result was going to look like. Once we finalized how the end product would look. We then focused on the technical stuff, which helped to implement the vision and figure out a process or system needed to obtain the vision. Reverse engineering can be broken down into five steps.

Step 1: What is the vision of the goal?


When figuring out a vision for your business think of something that is a little bit far-reaching for you, but you know that you’ll be able to accomplish it. The reason behind this theory is you don’t want to select a vision that is easily accomplished and you don’t want to select a vision that is to difficult to currently reach. However at the same time you want to select a vision that will help move your business forward.

If you need help selecting any vision on your business, be sure to read my article providing tips on how to select your vision

Step 2: What areas make up this vision?

Before you act on trying to accomplish your vision, you need to plan out what needs to happen in order for you vision to be accomplished. Here are some questions you might want to ask yourself. 

  • What things need to happen for you to achieve your vision? 
  • Are you going to do it alone or going to need a team? 
  • Do you have the skillset? Or do you need to learn a new skill set? 
  • Do you know who and where your clients are? 
  • Do you know how to get your clients? 

Step 3: Create a strategy. 

Now it is time to create the steps needed to accomplish our goal. Creating a strategy helps you think of the process that will help reach your vision.  For example, maybe in the last step you said you wanted to hire a team. Who will be on the team and what are there skill sets? How are they going to help you achieve your vision?

Step 4: Create a system and take action.

A system is a way to help keep track of what you have to do at different points in time in order to achieve your goal. What I do is I have a system called started results. I take that year’s vision and we break up the year into quarters all the way down to each day. The focus is to hold yourself accountable to certain tasks that will help build up to achieving your vision.

Step 5: Track your results and adapt if necessary. 

Arguably the most important part of all this is tracking your results and adapting if necessary. We’re not fortune-tellers here, so we might have a plan, but based on our actions or external factors we might need to adjust our plan and adapt in order to still achieve our vision. 

So, there you have it. Now it’s time for you to achieve your goals. I have a PDF that pretty much summarizes everything that we just talked about here. Click here to view it.


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