Today there are tons of advice on EVERYTHING and anything online especially Personal Development. Don’t believe me? Google Personal Development and you will find 1,000’s of articles, posts, blogs, and images on the topic. There is so much information that if you tried to read it all, you would spend every hour of every day just reading. Not only that, you still wouldn’t be able to read it all!

So you might as well read one more post from me. Oh and if you want the warm and fuzzy treatment you might as well stop reading. Dealing with reality and the facts enhances your chances of living the life you want.

Of all the people who give you advice, there is only one person who can make or break you. That person is YOURSELF.

I am sure you have seen all the great advice out there. It all sounds amazing. It also sounds so simple. And it is. But you cannot follow any the advice unless YOU do 4 things. And the best part is that all 4 of these things are 100% in YOUR control.

  1. Change Your Mind Set
    I saw a quote from Henry Ford which says it all. “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you are right”. This is so true. Believe in yourself! I know you can do that… want to know how I know? You wouldn’t have read this far if you didn’t want to be the best you could be. Start believing in yourself and change your self-talk from “I can’t do this” to “I can do this”.
    Another great quote is from Charles Swindoll who said “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it”. You believe this and you suddenly can see that anything is possible because that 90% is all up to you and nobody else. YOU have the control… ONLY YOU. Most of everyone’s stress is how they perceive something. That is an amazing thought. We are actually stressing ourselves out. And most things we stress about are perceptions on the future. Really? Nobody knows what the future holds but we tend to self-talk our way believing that this or that will happen in a stressful way.
  2. Treat your body like a Tomb
    At age 80, if you don’t change anything about your life, are you in a nursing home or still vibrant and living life to the fullest? If most people were honest, it would be the former. Many do not get the proper exercise, have a proper diet and have too much stress in their lives. It is all about habits. It is very hard to do but again 100% in your control. Start small and increase over time.
    One small step is this. Go take walks. Once you get into the habit of walking, you will notice many things. Your body and mind will feel a lot better! Walking alone will start to get you the exercise you need. Walking also has an amazing benefit of relieving stress. Try it. You will be totally amazed at the results.
    If you don’t treat your body like tomb, make sure you save enough money for a nursing home. And make sure you say sorry to your family now for cheating them out of spending as much quality time with you as possible.
  3. Change Your Habits
    Look at where you are right now in your life? Do you want to make some changes? If the answer is yes, then the habits you are doing right now are not working. So doing the same things over and over will cause the same results and keep you in the same place as you are now. Look closely at what you do and change whatever you need to change that doesn’t work. Look at the habits of others who you want to emulate. There are many books and articles on “Habits of Successful People”. Use it as a guideline and tailor it to your life.
  4. Take Action & Responsibility
    Like the old Nike commercials used to say… Just DO IT. Take Action. Stop reading about how you can change your life. Stop listening to videos or webinars on How to live your life. You will learn much more by doing something. Failing at something is NOT Acting on it. If you fail at something you act on, that is a result and that is experience. A result causes data. The more data you accumulate, the clearer your path to success will become.

Oh and from this point forward, everything that happens to you is YOUR responsibility. It is not the economy. It is not your past. It is not your spouse or current boss. Everything that happens to you is because of YOU. That is the best advice you can ever get. Stop making excuses and start living your life.

Remember, you only have one life. Each person has an expiration date yet we do not know when it is. When you see the sunset every day… think about 2 things. Wonder how many more of these sunsets will you see? Thinking about life in this mindset will quickly put into perspective what is most important to you. And also ask this question. If today was the last sunset you saw, did you live this day to the fullest? If you do not like the answer to that last question… DO something about it tomorrow!

You have it in you to have the life you want. The power is with you. Be the person you were meant to be. You know you can do it!

Thank you very much for spending the time to read this article. I am truly honored that you have spent this time reading my work. If you would like to sign up for the opportunity to have a free 30 minute business coaching session, sign up here.

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