Hi Dennis from Goals to Results today talked to you about how to focus on your top three priorities in a day and then give you three steps to do it. Behind me is a portrait of seven books and not real books. Boy, does it signify the seven books that every entrepreneur should be. Patience, hustle, focus, persistence, grind, sacrifice and ambition. Some books are used more than others, see that book down there, patients I should read that book more, just saying. One book, I do want to talk to you about today. Focus, not just any focus. Laser focus. Pretty cool, huh?

Step one – Pick Three Priorities of the day. Now with all my clients, we talk about vision, strategy and systems. All of that, is goals involved and when there are goals is a lot of planning and the way I play on my clients. Again, I like to use the triangle. You’re going to see triangles everywhere. I just love triangles. Well, I don’t love trying so much. When you lay a triangle flat everything points to one, one point, one focus, one clarity and one goal. And with my clients, what do you want to do in one year? What goal do you really want to achieve in one year’s time? We break that goal down to quarters, down to months, down to weeks, down to days. When we pre-planning a week. We try to do is what things can we do during the week that will get me closer to my ultimate goal. Now you might say, Dennis, this is all fine and dandy. They’re all the same color. Everything’s pointing. This is just best case scenario, right?

My plate is like this all over the place. I have a goal in mind, but I’m not even close to that. I don’t seem to be driving the same force towards that goal. Well, a lot of people do is they look at what’s on their plate for one day and go, I can’t get all this time. No, you probably can’t get all this done. Most plates nowadays, you cannot get done in one day. Some place you came to get done in one week. That’s where focus comes in. What you have to do when you’re preplanning your week, you say, each day, what are three things I can do that will get me closer to my goal each day and the goal for that week. Three that’s it, just take the three ones you can do get done in one day that’ll get you moving forward towards your goal. Put it in your calendar.

Step two –  Create 50/10 Blocks. Now on step one, we talked about what three priors you to do. I told you, put them in your calendar. Perfect. Make sure when you put them in your calendar, I want you to have three slots and I want them to be in your calendar one hour long. Now, during that one hour, what you’re going to do, you got to split. It’s called the 50/10 blocks for 50, 5-0 for 50 straight minutes. What you’re going to do is you’re going to focus on that task at hand and that’s all you’re going to do. You’re not going to answer the phone. You’re not going to look at your email, you’re not even going to have conversations with day one is to get us going to be laser focused on a task that you have at hand. That’s it 50 minutes, that’s all you do. The 10 minutes chill out, do whatever you want. You want to look at emails, fine, want to get up and walk around even better. Make sure you get up. Don’t just stay at desk the whole time. That’s how I want you to do those 50/10’s, 50 focused minutes on getting the task at hand.

Step three – Set up Work Area and Go. Now this third step is set up your workspace. It’s right, set up. Make sure that it’s quiet. Make sure you will not get disturbed and made sure the desk that you are working on has nothing else on except what you need to work on that priority, whatever you need to work on that priority that’s what you’re going to have a desk. You’re not going to have pieces of paper here or something else over here. You’re going to have nothing else on your desk. And if you are using a laptop or a desktop, make sure that whatever you’re working on doesn’t have any disturbances from it. Does not pop ups here. There’s not other windows open on your screen. No, that’s what we mean by setting up the work area. You’re setting yourself up so that the only thing you see on your desk is the task at hand.

Now why don’t we do that as you’re working, you know, you might sit back for you know, stretch or whatever and if you see something else on your desk. Oh yes, I got to do that. Oh yeah. I got to do that. No, don’t temp yourself, nothing else on the desk. All you’re looking at is what you have in front of you when you have that. Then also the second part of this step is go do it. Start it. Use a phone for a timer, if you want. Okay, but don’t answer the phone. Put everything on mute and everything except the timer. Alright let’s go. So, you see the time or if you want to look at the a clock and say whatever, but for 50 minutes do your thing and go, alright. If you can make sure that you prioritize, these are three things that I’m doing today and I’m going to put them in my calendar, I’m going to make sure that I am going to reach those three things you do, that you are moving forward each day, moving forward each week and then all of a sudden you’re gaining momentum and you will be hitting more and more of your milestones along the way before the year ends and all of a sudden Presto.

It goes from this to this.

Remember, three things. What three things are you doing today? How are you doing when you’re goal setting and achieving your goals? Do you need any help? Do you have any roadblocks you want to talk to about? I love to sit down and talk to you. If you go to my website, you can sign up for a free, a 20 minute consultation and we can talk about what your roadblocks. I’d love to hear from you. I’ll give you the link below. I hope this topic helps you. Please comment below, share it with anyone. Do you think that would, like to see this? I really appreciate it. I also have two other videos here. One is on business vision. The other one is about the myth about multitasking. Check both of them out and don’t forget to subscribe. Hit that circle in the middle. I hope you have a great week. See you next week.

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