Welcome to Part 2! The second area of data is Social Media Data. Look, I am the first one to say that I definitely have not mastered social media marketing… not even close. Over the years, my social media marketing is and has been like a rollercoaster, with may stops, whiplash & hairpin turns. I have experienced loops, major drops and also felt like I was suspended upside down for what felt like long periods of time. The only thing the roller coaster has done for me is leave me nauseous. All of this happened because of 3 main reasons… I didn’t have a solid plan of action, I was not consistent and I didn’t track my data.

If you don’t track your social media data in a systematic way, you are just wasting time. You will never get off that roller coaster ride. Stop the ride by following these 4 different tips.

Plan of Action

Your social media needs to tell a story. And not just any story. It has to tell YOUR story. The world of social media is VERY crowded no matter what platform you are on. Copying someone will get you nowhere. You need to be unique. What can you bring to the platform in a way that you can express in your own way. Remember, an impactful story isn’t a collection of thoughts that randomly is communicated. A well thought out story has a great introduction which hooks the audience. Then, the story is explained in such a way that the audience is very engaged. And finally, the story has an amazing ending that captivates the audience into wanting more. You can’t create that kind of story without a plan.  Your data needs to track meaningful content.

Video, Video, Video

If you want to make an impact on the social media front, you MUST do video. It is a visual world out there and if you are trying to tell a story that is uniquely you, then you need to make sure the audience meets the story teller. Words on a screen allows the audience to form an opinion of the story teller and the reader must guess on the level of passion. Do not let the audience guess. Show your audience that not only do you have a grasp on the story you are telling, but allow them to see the passion you have for the topic. Make an impression that nobody else can… YOUR impression with YOUR passion. More video will attract more followers which will result in more data to find patterns.

Take Action, Be Consistent & Engage

Once you have a plan, ACT. Put your plan into play and be consistent. Show your audience that you can be counted on to show up regularly. This will build your trust. When your audience takes the time to respond and comment, reply to their comments. Be active in the platforms you are posting. Show your audience you can be a reliable source.

Track Your Data, Test, Adjust, Repeat

Make sure you track the numbers. How is each post doing? What types of posts hit a homerun with your audience and what posts seem to come up short? Are you targeting the right audience for your message? What platforms are outperforming the rest? All of this can be tracked using different methods. If you are using Facebook, look at the Insights. If you are using YouTube, look at the analytics. Know your data. If you need to adjust, do 1 adjustment at a time and watch the results. Too many adjustments at once will not give you reliable data. If you make too many adjustments at once, the data will combine all these adjustments into one outcome. This one outcome will not truly give you clear results. The goal is to make 1 adjustment and watch the results to see if the adjustment worked. Results have patterns. Your goal is to find the patterns that produce consistent quality results.

Like I said in the beginning, I am far from a social media expert. If you want help with social media, look around. There are so many amazing people who know their craft and can guide you on the strategy to use. Social Media rules change so quickly that make sure you read articles or watch people who are telling you 2018 ideas and not 2016 or earlier. Do follow an outdated blueprint. You will get outdated results. But remember, the strategy that helps them may not be the exact strategy for you. Your goal is to look at different strategies and tailor it to you. That my friend is the tricky part.

Show Up and Tell Your Story

You can do this. Show up and tell the world about you! Find the audience for your message and help them as much as possible. The more you help, the more you will be needed in your space. Once you find the match between audience and message, then the magic appears.  You will then be making your own amazing thrill ride instead of relying on a roller coaster someone else built in which you are only the passenger.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Please make sure to come back and read the next two parts to this series on 3 areas to look for business data. The next blog goes over the 3rd area which is Your Journey Data. If you missed the first part of this series about Your Website Data, check it out here.

Would love to read any feedback you have on this topic. Please comment below. If you feel others would benefit from this, please share.

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