Time Management Tips: Pre-planning your week

Written by Dennis Riley

January 17, 2020

Watch this video for more in-depth information about how to plan your week more effectively.

It’s a fast-paced world out there; one way to stop it is to take control of your week. So let’s get started with 10 tips that will help your plan your week effectively.

Have a destination

Do you have a big goal that you want to achieve at the end of this year that is going to fundamentally change your business? That’s the type of goal you want to strive for and make sure that the goal is measurable because you want to hold yourself accountable to that goal throughout the year.


Do not plan on Monday morning for the week cause guess what, Monday you want to hit the ground running with a full head of steam. What you want to do is you want to pre-plan before Monday, like Saturday or Sundays. I love Sunday night, I have a quiet area where I’m uninterrupted and I pre-planned the whole week. Then I wake up Monday morning I know exactly what I need to do to start the week.

Your to-do lists

A to-do list is part of the process. It is not the full process. So go ahead, get out that to-do list. Write down all the stuff that you need to do this week in all phases of your life. Just write it all down.

Your destination plan

One of the best tools that I’ve learned is reverse engineering. To me, that is the best tool to get a plan. I have a video here on reverse engineering.


Now that you have that to-do list that encompasses everything that you need to do this week. What I want you to do is go through every single line and you’re going to prioritize it. One method I use is called the ABCDE method. You put an A in front of everything that is a major consequence if you don’t get it done. B, if it’s a minor consequence, C if there is no consequence at all if you don’t get done. D, if you can delegate the task and then if there is no letter, you’re going to put an E and then you eliminate it from your to-do list. What to learn more about the ABCDE method? Check out this video on prioritizing.


I use a workbook where I write down my top three priorities I have to do every single day, that will help me accomplish my end of the year goal. And also what I do is I take those items and I put them into my calendar. I love using Google calendar because it’s with me all the time, as long as I have access to the internet. When you schedule tasks in your calendar make sure it is prioritized (using the ABCDE method). Also no need to stress out if you can’t get everything done, but you should be able to accomplish the most important task for your business that week.

Taking action

Take ownership of your business and take ownership of your schedule. You spent all this time creating a schedule. Now do it. Do it every single day. Make sure every single day you move forward towards your business goals. And pretty much the only person who stopped you from doing that is you. Think about if you made a big enough goal towards the end of the year, just remember how important that would be for your business.

Track your results

I use a bullet journal. Every day track your results always. It might not be anything at the time, but over time you could start seeing a pattern forming.

Review your results

Go back into the things that you put down in the journal, review it and try to look for patterns. You might not be able to look for the pattern that day, but if you keep going back, you might see something developing.


Nothing is in stone. You are going to change your direction. You’re still going towards that big destination that you want at the end of the year, but sometimes you might have to find a new way to operate that will better fit the business needs.

Hope you find these tips helpful. Sometimes I have a packed weekend and I don’t get to pre-plan my week, then Monday morning comes and I’m scrambling to pre-plan the week. Those weeks are not as good as the weeks that I pre-plan it. Don’t just wing it because those weeks will not be good weeks and you’ll know yourself. Try this, for a couple of weeks, you’re going to see incredible improvement in your focus and what you’re going towards. 

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