How To Systemize Your Business

Written by Dennis Riley

October 23, 2019

Business owners tell me all the time, I wish there were more hours in a day so I can get things done. I wish I could just duplicate myself. If you want to duplicate yourself and you want to create more hours in your day, systems are by far the best way of doing that. If you create the right systems and you do it the right way, you will free up your time.

Which systems do you need to create as a business owner? It really depends on you. Each business is different and so is each business owner. Here are three tricks to help you find the right system for you and your business. 

Step 1: List the Tasks

What’s on your plate all the time? I want you to write them out. I want you to put every single task you do on a piece of paper. You don’t stop making the list until you finish writing every single task that you always do. Make sure you list all of them. 

Step 2: Categorize your Tasks. 

We’re going to go through every single one of those items that you put on your list and we are going to apply four different marks. For the first mark I want you to circle every single task that moves your business forward. Second, put a square around items to keep your business going. These are the items that you need to do to make sure you keep your business running. Third, I want you to put a check next to everything that only you can do. Now, if you’re a one-person show right now, I want you to go through and say, could I hand this off to someone else? Now once you go through the list, there might be some items that don’t have any markings next to it, put an X next to these tasks.

Step 3: Prioritize the Tasks. 

To help us prioritize our tasks we are going to put different letters next to each item. I want you to put a ‘T’ next to all the items that you think consumes a lot of time. Then, put a ‘M’ next to items that you feel are being done manually. Lastly, you’re going to put an ‘R’ next to each item that you feel is repetitive. 

Now you’re going to add up the score for each individual item. We get the items scored by adding up the number of T’s, M’s and R’s that are on that item. So, if you see a ‘T’, ‘M’ and ‘R’ next to an item, it will be a score of three. If you only see two of them, you put two. One, you put one. 

There are really two ways you can go from here. Let’s first talk about someone who is a one-person show. You have to do everything, so right now what I would do if you need to get a system, get the ones that are time-consuming done first. That’s how you’re going to be able to create more hours in the day. 

Now, if you’re a business owner if you have other people working for it. You should be responsible for everything that’s moving your business forward. So you should be putting your time and effort into everything that you see that was circled, moving your business forward. If you’re constantly working on things to keep things running in the business, you should be able to pass that off to people.

I also have a bonus for you. I have a worksheet that will pinpoint which areas of your business are screaming for a system. The results of this worksheet could save you lots of time, money in aggravation. Click here to get the worksheet.

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