Why you need to set business goals

Written by Dennis Riley

July 10, 2019

Here are three reasons why you need to set yearly business goals: 

Reason 1: It creates a destination. 

Having yearly goals creates a destination. Create a goal that will help your business move forward.

Reason 2: It creates motivation.

These yearly goals should cause excitement when you’re setting them. Think about planning a vacation, would you want to go somewhere you always wanted to go or the boring neighboring town? See the difference?

Reason 3: It creates your agenda. 

Your yearly goals should be about you and your business and your agenda. Think about driving a car, you can go to any place you want. You can take any path you want, you can go any speed you want to a certain extent, but you are in control.

Now, before I was creating business strategies for my clients, I owned a software development business. I created yearly business goals based on the clients I had. Towards the later years, even if I met those goals, they still didn’t satisfy me. Then I started to set my yearly business goals based on where I wanted the company to go and what I wanted to do. At first, it was very frustrating. I had the destination but didn’t have a good strategy or plan. So it is important to have the destination, the plan, the strategy, and the action. Without those, you’re not going to get the results you want.

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